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Your Own Birth 2018 

"Birth, Death & Transitions;
Clearing the Portals into & out of this World;
Creating and Having life with Totality
and Death with Wondrous Grace.”

First class is a Live Tele-Seminar on January 29th, 2018 at 5pm HST - 7pm PST - 10pm EST

The Your Own Birth Class (Featuring the Death Gateway this Year) is a once monthly healing class.
You will give and receive a magnificent healing in each and every class

This year, more of our focus will be on the other gateway, the final transition out of this life, liberating the death portal. You will find that right at birth, limits were placed in relationship to your way out.

Let's get rid of those, So that our rebirthing to the other-side is clear and full of light!

We will work the patterns, pain & programming that are in the womb / entry to your Earth Gate 
As well as clearing the portals at the completion of this life and reinstalling your own essence, information, patterns and connection with divinity.

Each year for 13 years, we have worked the birth portal and cleared all kinds of blocks, 
Programs and pain at the moment of conception and during the three trimesters in the womb. 

This year: We will be clearing the stuck death energy from our own past as well as our current family lines, with the goal of clearing the 

Darkness and patterns of illusion from the gateway where we transition out of this world.

We will be learning the ten phases or steps involved in passing over; otherwise known as the “completion at life transition". 

We will give and receive healing and Deprograming in each of the ten phases. 

2018’s YOB will be like no other!!

There is so more fear, illusion and programming around death and what it is that this can hinder the process of living.

Lets be able to live each day with joy because we were able to heal these portals.

Basic premise behind Your Own Birth Classes:

While in the womb: We got immersed in a lot of intense & limiting vibrations that deeply penetrated our development, our bodies & our psyches.

Lewis Bostwick said the secret to it all is in clearing the birth portals and getting the layers of pain out of the fetus; without doing that many patterns never clear. Lewis tells us now (from the other side) that the next step is to clear the death portals, this is the secret to a full life and a healthy joyous transition.
The Your Own Birth class is once a month and each month in the 2018 series will feature tremendous healing. 
Each class builds on the work we did the month before.


Graduation from a Clairvoyant Training Program (Structured in the Lewis Bostwick Tradition).
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Your whole life is conditioned by the vibration you were conceived in & the energy coming into and out of the womb while your body was a fetus. You will find that as you do this work a lot of confusing or painful emotion that has been with you your whole life will clear graciously away. The moment of conception and every moment in the womb & then Birth itself is very profound; what energies, images, beings & vibrations are present in that time, effect  the entire pattern of your life. We will be healing and rebuilding the set of vibrational events that led up to your birth….and working on clearing the painful vibrations and energy around your birth itself, and often into infancy. 

This year, more of our focus will be on the other gateway, the final transition out of this life.
You will find that right at both, limits were placed in relationship to your way out.
Lets get rid of those!
Rev. Lisa French ~ Lisa was originally trained by Lewis S. Bostwick 35 years ago and is the founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii which has been providing clairvoyant teachings from Kona, Hawaii for over 20 years. Lewis Bostwick is the creator of the Your Own Birth class series; Lisa took this class from him for many years. She now continues to work with him very closely. She builds the curriculum with him on the astral or dream plane, and in spirit to spirit communication. He s very enthusiastic about this years goals.
First class is a Live Tele-Seminar on January 29th, 2017 at 5pm HST - 7pm PST - 10pm EST and at 5 or 6 am in Europe. This class is once a month for the full year of 2018. Class is one Monday a month, a list of class dates will be given to you when you get started.
The YOB Class is a $45/month donation
*If you are unable to attend the live class,  this is not a problem; you will be assigned a partner you can take the class with by download. The idea is to contact your partner right away so you two can work together on the phone to give and receive this magnificent healing.
How that works: You will receive by email a partner who also was also unable to call into class.
You set up a phone apt.

Then, On the Telephone: You listen to the class at the same time as your partner and do the healing work on each other.  :)

One of you can play the class on speaker phone, or simply listen at the same time. Do the healing work as directed, a formula for illumination and well being!
We will be creating a lot of magnificent clearing. Please let us know if you will always be unable to attend live so we can set up your partner accordingly. Thanks!

Also: If you want a specific partner for the whole year as its easy for you to set up your appointments and match time zones, we are happy to arrange that.
Class Structure

The class starts with a 30 minute meditation & lecture in preparation for the healings we will do in that class. This is followed by the healing/deprogramming sessions. One you give and one you receive with your partner. The class ends with a short closing session. class is 2 and half hours & most of it is the actual healing.  :-) 
Reading: Please make sure that you read auras regularly as you take this class. 
This enables you to easily clear the pictures that light up, so that you can stay in divine flow.
Come and have some fun shifting your whole world in a way that fulfills and satisfies your soul! 
Join us to awaken & clarify so much of who you are & create more space to fulfill all of who you are!
To register: Contact us at or 808 323-9699