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Women's Monthly Workshops

Aloha & Welcome,


Female energy is very special and often

misunderstood in our present culture. We will

explore and discover the secrets to our own

energy systems  Our energy flows entirely 

differently than male energy in a body, so we

have to manage our bodies & realties very differently 

then men. This series is geared towards helping

women to understand and heal their unique energy



Female energy is receptive & magnetic; one of the great abilities of women is to be able to hold anything in your body. This is a gift and yet sometimes we hold onto things that are not in harmony with us. Sometimes we hold hurt, or pain or stuck emotion, or limits or… We dedicate a section of each workshop to using some energetic tools of simply letting go. This is profoundly healing.


Included too, in every workshop, we work some powerful Goddess Beings who have transcended the Earth experience and come in and give us some really generous and deep, rich healings. This is a rare and precious gift.


The Process

1) A lecture on the topic get us rolling, laughing and ready for the healings to come.

2) We spend some time using energy tools for Releasing energies that we have held onto that are in the way of our overall wellness, prosperity and joy.

3)  Receiving healing from the Goddesses.

4)  Sharing & Questions

5)  An inner journey through a beautiful landscape to a sacred place of healing. On each journey you receive communication, gifts, answers & healing as you travel sacred pathways to places such as the warm mountain pools or the cave of the singer’s where women have visited for many ages, to renew, revive and awaken to their own truths.


This powerful series for women opens an enormous door for you to release, heal and receive! Work with your own feminine essence in the company of other magical women like yourself. No matter where you are on this good earth, the power of the island, the ocean and the volcano’s adds active spice to the flow of energy & healing.


These workshops are held monthly via Tele-conference and led by Lisa French.   


Female Energy Classes available for download:

  • Female Energy & Drawing from the Well: Nourishing our Dreams with the Waters of Healing in 2018

  • Female Energy and the Polarity of Male Energy: Finding Appreciation and Understanding of the Dichotomy- in You and in those around You

  • Female Energy And the year of the DOG; Intelligent, Brave, Connected

  • Female Energy and Eggs; Allowing Ourselves to Crack into Ecstasy

  • Female Energy and Elephants; Knowing Who You Really Are & Remembering the Bigger Picture

  • Female Energy and the Mystic River; Dancing Between the Worlds in Every Day Life

  • Female Energy and Karma; Coming off the Treadmill and into a True Creative of State

  • Female Energy & Fire: Burning away Toxic Debris to Start a New Day/Way/Say

  • Female Energy & Water: Finding calm joy, wild dreaming, abundance & fluid grace

  • Female Energy & Dark Feelings: How to use them to Explore your Joy

  • Female Energy & Owls: Find your Night Vision & Soar through your Dreams

  • Female Energy & the Madonna in Her Many Forms: Receiving your Inner Star of Healing in the Season of Light

  • Female Energy and the Golden Goose: How to get her eggs and what to do with them

  • Female Energy and Sacred Vows: Making the #1 Vow with Yourself and the Divine

  • Female Energy and Magic

  • Female Energy and Mother Bear

  • Female Energy and Tension: How tight do you hold the reins

  • Female Energy and Kangaroos: What are you holding in your pockets?

  • Female Energy and Cats: Walking between the Worlds

  • Female Energy and Dolphins: Creating space for joy in our lives!

  • Female Energy and the 4 Elements: Healing with the Earth

  • Female Energy and Taming the Inner Dragon: Managing Your Beauty & Your Beast

  • Female Energy & Creation: Reclaiming the Raw Power

  • Female Energy and the Law of Attraction; Realizing ways to Manifest Delight in Your Magnetic Feminine Energy

  • Female Power and Men; Holding your Essence without giving away your Self, your Energy & your Light

  • Female Fulfillment & the 4 Mother Energies; How to Orchestrate Freedom in Your Female Universe

  • Female energy and Riding the tiger; Discovering vulnerability as power

  • Female Energy and your Inner Muse: How to Connect with Her for Your Life's Work, Inspiration & Joy

  • Female Energy and Twilight & Dawn; How to use these Portals to Open your Soul

  • Female Energy and Dragonflies; How to Live & Love Effortlessly

  • Female Energy & the Great Mystery; How to be Successful & Fulfilled by Living in it & Integrating It

  • Female Energy and the Phoenix; How to Have True Transformation & Healing in the Rebirth of Your Feminine

  • Female Energy & Leaping Chasms, Awakening Trust: How to find the Jewel in the Paradox

  • Female Energy and the Big Shadow; How to Access & Heal the Deepest Places in our Hearts, our Bodies & our Souls

  • Female Energy & Answers & Questions; How to use your Female Anatomy to Help you Find the Truth

  • Female Energy and Clearing Toxicity from our Depths; Cleaning out the Well

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A full calendar is available on the Calendar page.

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