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Clairvoyant Teachers & Spiritual Leadership Program


This is an intensive and magical

journey that focuses largely on the

development and growth of the

crown chakra. 



The crown chakra is an energy conduit for the other body chakras, and when it is healthy and functioning, it can hold and set all different types of vibrations and energies.  The crown chakra is an imperative tool for anyone looking to teach, lead, or be in their own power in the world.  Through the crown chakra, one can create health, wellness, vitality, and virtually anything else one's heart desires.  When we are fully in our crowns, all one has to do is gently postulate something into reality, such is the power of this energy center.  


As a student in this program, you will learn to clear this very powerful chakra of pain, invalidation, and all different types of energy that prevent one from fully accessing the jewels this chakra has to offer.   As one begins to unravel those layers of energy, an enormous amount of space is created that enables the individual to tune in to their own highest octave of validation, certainty, growth and wisdom.  


This program is especially designed for:


  • Those desiring to teach or who are already teaching, either in a clairvoyant training setting, but certainly not limited to one.

  • Those who run a business or a household, or would like to in the future.

  • Those who simply wish to have, enjoy and use their crown chakra to create seniority, personal power and wellness in all aspects of life. 


During this program, you will also:


  • Be introduced to a spiritual community of like-minded folks from all around the world.  

  • Be taught how to be a healthy and functional leader and/or teacher.  

  • Deepen your understanding of your clairvoyant abilities.

  • Continue to heal yourself at a core level, altering your life pattern and restructuring your very foundation to be more in harmony with who you truly are.

  • Learn how to set and hold energy.

  • Learn how to work in a team with others, without competition or judgment.


...and so much more!


Start Date

Ongoing, you may begin at anytime



A one year or longer, Lewis Bostwick style clairvoyant training program.


For Lewis Bostwick style Clairvoyant Training you may contact the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii at (808) 322-7673 or email for more information.



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