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The real truth

Forest Trees

One thing we each may want to consider in regards to this experience of the crucible, is that we signed up for this. (You're kidding me right? I did?)

Yes, we all volunteered to attend the healing & growth university here on earth. (Huh?)

When we are not born yet, and we look at the big picture of growth and all the possibilities of learning on Earth, we get excited and say "I'm in!"

(You mean when I'm on the other side and don't have a body?)

Later in the crucible of Earth reality, (you mean my family, my school?)

We roll our eyes and say "I couldn't possibly have asked for this!" that's quite understandable. (You can say that again!) So if we accept that we signed up for it...Then we find our selves going back to asking questions! Why? What is my soul's true agenda? Where is my energy? Why am I having this particular experience? How do I discover what is really truth? How do I get this answer? Who am I really? The real truth is that we each have our own answers. They are unique to us. You can't get them from a book or another person or the TV, though those experiences may trigger your inner process ..... Deep inside, each of us has our own truth, when we want it enough; we seek it on the inner journey, which is also called the path of return. This is the path of return to source.... That path of discovering the source in you, that which brings you everything and fills you with realizations of wonder. (OK, sounds good, but how do I get these answers besides asking questions?) We are getting to that. Spirit (that's me right?) creates reality through images or pictures. Notice, an image would be the same in any language, right? Pictures are a higher vibration then words...and thus they are extremely powerful and creative. We each must learn to create clear pictures. An interesting thing about light, is that it illuminates. A lot happens as we learn to recognize the truth of light as it shines through images or pictures. When it shines through a picture, it creates life as we know it. Just like a movie, each image once filled with light, takes on a life of its own. This can be amazing if the image is enjoyable, if the image is painful, not so fun.

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