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Aloha and welcome!

Colorful Bubbles

Let's celebrate! We are all still here, and Earth is still here; this is good! I know the Mayans must be in great amusement about all the hoopla with their calendar. Earth did not get hit by a comet and not only are we still here but there is more light and more space available here then ever before. In fact, I am observing that many people who have only been partially here, who have not been very close to their bodies are suddenly arriving. Attracted by the light? Exhilarated by discovering there is more space to be here? I suspect that some of these folks have actually been waiting for this new energy and for this time period to occur for a very long is fun to watch them as spirits arriving into their bodies, you may even be one! If so, welcome! Each year a whole new vibration is set or created on the planet. The new energy for 2013 is quite brilliant and vividly creative. If your own life force energy is moving really well then this is pretty exciting. If your energy is not moving so well, then it may exacerbate that by making it more apparent, in other words it may increase your awareness of what is not comfortable. Not to worry, there are many ways to help with that....and... the discomfort may be a good thing! It is often this that drives you to self-discovery and self-healing. It is often this, that causes you to start asking questions, and asking questions leads you to getting answers. It may even lead you to getting answers that allow you to move into a state of radiant enthusiasm! OK, so what does one do with more light? How does one be with more light? What is the purpose of this greater light? It reminds me of the sun, it can feel so good, but sometimes it can be too hot and uncomfortable...or fire, nice in a candle or a fireplace, not so great when it escapes. Nature is always teaching us through metaphor. As we consider this light spiritually then we realize this light wants to heal us, awaken us, liberate us and bring us truth. In fact, it wants to enlighten us; But, not too fast, too fast and we will burn up before we get the answers to those questions, before we clear the discomfort and discover the enthusiasm. Let's look at it another way: Life on Earth is a fascinating process of refinement. Sometimes the experience is something like being in a giant crucible in which the darkness is being burned away in the living fire. Then we are flooded with so much water and cooled down...we begin having alternate experiences of fire and water as the gold in our souls is being tempered and refined. This experience can be very rich and it can be very, very challenging. How do we survive this process? Well first, we need to breathe and we may want to find our sense of humor, one of our greatest gifts. (But it's not funny when I hurt!) Pain in itself is not funny, but a miraculous way to transcend it and then begin to heal it, is humor. A sense of hilarity lifts us up out of the pain & the struggle, (Really?). When we struggle we go under, like with quicksand (Oh! I am familiar with that) ... so it is important to find ways to have a little amusement.

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