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2015 - A Year to Actualize Our Dreams!

A Message from Rev. Lisa French

This is a year to genuinely bring our dreams into our bodies and to feed them with our own inner light so that they can grow wings and manifest in this world and in our own lives in wonderful ways. A new year is a fresh start. It is like a pure new canvas ready to be painted. It doesn’t matter what has happened to us before, what matters now is the new opportunity to live our dreams in the days ahead. Each year comes in with a new energy and each day is like a piece of art with the opportunity for new energy to enter into our bodies. Breathe deep as you read this, and be aware that even now, at this very moment new energy levels are ready to enter into you.

​ We are going to talk about the dreams you have when you are awake. This is not referring to the kind of dreams you have when you are asleep. Each of us has many different kinds of dreams. There are dreams that we’ve had for quite some time… we have been carrying them around, deliberating and contemplating them for many moons. Other dreams are newer and more fresh, so they’re often filled with a very pure vitality. Some dreams are just being released out of the universe itself; these are so new they have great power. They are available to anyone who is paying attention. Then, of course, there are the dreams that have been floating in and out of our awareness for some time now. Sometimes we remember these dreams, sometimes we get busy, or perhaps we get disappointed or frustrated and we forget them for long periods of time. Some dreams we had before this lifetime, they are set up in a time release pattern to enter into us at certain periods of our body and soul development. That’s why at certain points in life we may suddenly shift our focus or wake up to awareness of something that was never there before.

Each of us is in the process of waking up to a greater realization of who we really are. Part of the way we do this is to have dreams. Our dreams stimulate us, motivate and inspire us. Sometimes we forget or put them off if we don’t think they will happen for us. Part of the journey of being human is to truly remember our dreams, and to trust them. If you haven’t been remembering some of them, don’t worry about it; there are ways to change that. If you do remember them but they don’t seem to be going anywhere, there are ways to change that too!

​ This year has a very special energy. It is like a rich creative fluid that allows each of us a really profound opportunity to live in our potential, to realize parts of our potential that are perhaps much richer and more vast than we have known before. This is a very fluid energy that has a powerful impact in helping manifest our dreams. This fluid energy is very light. Its full of something that bubbles with a pure, watery, glowing, soft, yet amazingly powerful energy. This energy flows into a dream and assists it to have substance, it can give it the impact it needs to manifest. This is something quite special that 2015 is offering up to each of us. Imagine that life has a dream and it is dreaming you. You have a dream and you are dreaming life. You have a part to play in the dynamic process of all that is. You have something totally unique in you, that can allow you to get your answers and to truly know yourself. When you receive your dreams and this wonderful dream fluid, and begin to understand, then you are truly on your path.

There is an abundance of this new energy, new freedom, new vision, and new space, and lots of this wonderful fluid available for us all. Is it simple to bring it into our bodies? Yes. Is it easy? Yes. Does it require concentration? No. Is it expensive? No. But there's a trick.

​ The first part of the trick is that for this new energy to come into your body, you must have vibrational space. You must have enough room in your aura, your energy centers and your body for this energy and these dreams to pour into you and be realized. Dreams must enter the manifest world (your body) or they stay simply dreams, floating and unattainable. We must accept them into our bodies and have space for them to flourish in our energy systems and in our lives. The second part of the trick is that once the dreams are flowing through us and the dream fluid is rich and vibrant, then we need to trust that it is real and have certainty that we can indeed live our dreams. The challenge: Often we find ourselves with so many things to do, obstacles, problems, people in our lives…and all of it contains lots of energy, this can get packed into our auras and our energy systems. Often too, we have things we have not been able to let go of; the past, projects, difficulties, etc. These things too, can take up our space. If all this stuff is sitting in your energy system, you will not have enough room to have the new energy levels and for your dreams and the wonderful fluid to flow into you. How do you get more space? How do you get rid of all the noise and all that stuff so you have clear open space for the new? You can start by taking the meditation one and two classes with the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. In these classes you will learn some wonderful tools that will help you clear your energy field and fill it with your own light and your own dreams. It is rather like weeding a garden. You remove the weeds, stickers, thickets, and so on, so that you can grow abundant food, herbs, and flowers; or so that you can plant your dreams and water them with your trust and your essence, creating space to live them with wonder.

If you have already had these meditation classes then, you may find it is a truly great time to join the clairvoyant training program! Here is where you can become a very powerful creator. Someone that can hold a vision, be kind to themselves and others and really understand the fields of your own wonderful space. If you have been through the Clairvoyant training, great! Now you can join in graduate classes and programs. We offer many wonderful ones. They too, are designed to help you clear away the obstacles and create wonderful new inner vistas; spaces that become the fabulous gardens, experiences, projects, relationships, manifestations and communities of your life. A clairvoyant meditation is a time to empty out all the busyness and open up to what is waiting to be manifest. What will you discover in your meditations in 2015? How will you participate with your dreams; giving wings to them and liberating yourself to achieve greater freedom, mobility, joy and wisdom? Come and join us in our global auditorium! This is a tele-seminar classroom where people from all over the world join in and create freedom working and playing with energy together. Let's all give wings to our dreams and encourage that in each other in 2015!

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