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Egypt Tour: May 2012: Our Stories

On our Spiritual Journey & Pilgrimage in Egypt, Magic Isle was often called “Magic Nile”.

In May of 2012 a whole crew of clairvoyants went forth to open amazing gateways for the new energies available to us for 2012. We were also there to close old gateways of pain, isolation, hatred, laziness and so much more. Of course we were also each there for deep inner healing and amazing new awareness.Our mission was very successful and we’d like to, share some of it with you here, so that you can be part of this great process of awakening. Along the way, the travelers had many epiphanies and realizations; it was very powerful. Many of you had dreams of Egypt in this time, and many of you were with us in the dreamtime as we journeyed the mystical Nile. Thank you for your help, you were amazing and your contributions were very valuable. Egypt holds for all of us tremendous keys that help move us to move between the dimensions. It is a living expose of light, a living temple that connects the fabric of dreams, it holds in itself the fibers of life that allow a soul to be in multiple dimensions at the same time. Much truth is stored here, and when we go.... It is astounding how much new information is birthed forth. Join us now, as we bring you along the sacred waters of the Nile and share this event with you.

... One of the interesting challenge's we faced is that with the current regime in Egypt, they allow no prayer, toning, singing, meditation in any of the tombs or temples in Egypt, though sometimes if you pay a guard, they will sneak and let you. There are some strong forces that don't want anyone to work with the spaced spaces and teachings in these temples. You can visit as a tourist, but not as a spiritualist.... Of course we did anyway; each of us had to learn different ways to do the work of spirit; we had to work very internally, it was incredibly strengthening, our telepathy and our connections with above and below were greatly increased. At each temple it was different, some places more lenient, some more intense. We started in Cairo. Knowing our hotel had a view of the pyramids, it was still awe inspiring to get there during the dark and awaken at 4am to the most amazing energies. The first official day of the journey, May 9th, most of our group was awakened and meditating at 4am with the most incredible engine of all time roaring with power and life right beside us, The Great Pyramid of Giza! Just that, was an experience of indescribable wonder. The pyramid seemed to know we were there (it had called us?) and it was filling us with a supercharge of energy, strength, enthusiasm and so much more to fuel us for the great adventures ahead. Note from a traveler: "Flying into Cairo, I looked out the airplane window and was welcomed with the deepest, orange, golden sun setting among the golden lights of the city. The lights were brighter than any crystals I have ever seen - and the auras around the lights shown every color of the rainbow. My jaw dropped and I went into prayer thanking Great Spirit and Egypt for welcoming me, and our beautiful journey had started." The sacred sites of Egypt are laid out in a pattern of the seven major chakras and so they embrace teachings and initiations as they relate to each of these chakras. The chakras contain our spiritual information, thus each area focus's on a different part of a deep spiritual process. Some chakras are represented in several different aspects and in different locations. We toured the sacred sites of Egypt from the crown chakra, the power of knowing at the great pyramid, down to Abu Simbel, the site of the first chakra, the power of having a body and living safe in the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Come on, lets go on this journey! Giza: On our first day we visited the pyramids and sphinx. Upon exiting our bus, we were initiated by desperate venders who caused everyone to have to get in their bodies and set limits. They were very intent on us buying all kinds of stuff and became for us, powerful teachers who showed us each our weaknesses and our strengths. After the frenzy, I was amused to find that I had purchased a small set of pyramids, a head cloth, some postcards and a large ceramic cat. We realized that as we were preparing to close old gateways of pain, those who had been using them were all about challenging us. On this day we closed a gateway at the third chakra of the sphinx that was draining the mysteries and allowing a painful heaviness and density into physical experience. We were able to open new gateways at the third eye and the heart of the Sphinx...out of them came so much love and support, it was like a warm creative softness ready to nourish the questing souls of so many of us. This was such an uplifting way to begin, exhausted by venders & enlightened by the energies of the Sphinx. What could we do after that but eat in a lovely open air restaurant, partaking in savory Egyptian Bar-B BQ, and tasting wondrous middle eastern flavors enchanting and nourishing us. Of course after that...they took us shopping, they love to do that and there are so many treasures to be found. Sakkara Temple: Throat Chakra This is a place of tremendous light and grace. We visited several sites that worked with the energy of the fifth or throat chakra. This is a very important energy center and we wanted to access the healing offered at Sakkara. This is a place for sound healing. Through sound one can create very powerful alignment; alignment of chakras, body systems, the dream body, all the subtle bodies, each of us with our higher self & the bodies of the heavens and the Earth. In this place we remembered and we healed deep wounds in our souls where that alignment had been lost. Many people remembered working in the sound chambers and quite a few heard the echoes of the Akashic record containing song and every type of music. These were powerfully intact here. The haunting melodies of a souls journey in and out of darkness, a soul reclaiming the fabric of hope, a soul aspiring to understand its own greatness. In sound and music we can step out of thought. Thought, over and over gets in the way of true growth and awakening, it blocks the higher growth, it is the dark side of the throat chakra, as music can be the light side. At Sakkara we closed huge doors of intellectual spin, so much pain left the sacred site and left the planet. As those doors closed, new doors opened; doors of music, peace, the sounds of soft animals in the night, birds in the morning, happy people laughing, water moving, and music, celestial glorious celebrations of music. It is amazing to be right there with all of that and then suddenly someone asks you to buy some postcards... a tremendous lesson in balance...and in keeping aware in time and space. Welcome to Earth! At the pillar temple of Sakkara we all spread out, it was magical, from an internal place everyone knew what to do and we activated the whole temple. It was like wings opening and sending new energy to people everywhere. A gateway of male and female unity opened, this was an important one as we would be opening similar gateways throughout Egypt and we needed the healing from this one to be strong enough for the transformation we would each achieve the next day at the great Pyramid...and of course throughout Egypt. From the travelers: "Going into the temple of sound healing at Sakkara: I felt the amazing sense of age as soon as I walked through the outer wall. The stonework was so simple, but done with incredible craft. I felt this sense of very real pride, at what we humans could do so well in the past. (But why there, not at the Great Pyramid?) Then it started to dawn on me that I helped build this, maybe even design it. I was measuring the width of the bays on the sides as I went down, noting how they were all slightly different. Yes, I thought -- each with a different resonant frequency, for a different tone. Then I ducked out a side passage that led outdoors, and I saw the stone wall. Without thinking about it I said to myself "why did they pile those roof stones there?" But once I was outside, I could see the hidden back sides of those stones, and saw the same curve in a small remaining bit of roof. So I was right -- and somehow remembered how the building was constructed. It was amazing hearing the low vibratory hum. It was like a thunderous low vibration. I mistakenly thought that the Hall of Columns was the main attraction and therefore hung out there pretty much the entire time. There was something quite magical in the healing resonance as the euphoria and peace that I experienced at lunch was amazing. I felt balanced and complete!" On our third day, we had private time within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Crown chakra. We were so excited!! We entered as a group early in the am and climbed a long narrow passageway up to the king's chamber (at the top of the pyramid). This chamber was designed as part of a mystery school for initiation, for awakening and healing as spirit. Back in the day, if you completed the initiation, you went to the next place of spirit, free to come back to Earth and teach; or to move onwards to other planes of being. If you didn't pass, then you had to work on earth at the level you got lost in until you could have your humor, freedom and seniority at that step. There are 12 steps one must pass through to be free as a spirit in this way. Each of our group was ready for a big healing. Each person, one at a time, laid down in the initiation chamber and we held space for their journey, each was cleansed, washed free from where they'd been stuck and each person moved a level up. (As they did this, it created space for people everywhere, to do this too.) It was very powerful to witness and to experience this. The pyramid works with the stars and we had great help from the star systems of Sirius and Orion; and the corresponding spirit or healing groups of Isis and Orion. I was able to clairvoyantly watch each person's passage, it was a tearful, and radiantly beautiful vision of true awakening. Observing this is very difficult to describe in words, I hope you are looking at the pictures within this text! The great pyramid is the Crown chakra, and as the crown it sets us up to have all of chakras in radiant communication. It is set up for sound, vision, knowing, awakening self love, deep power, amazing feeling and a tremendous connectedness to all that is. We did quite a bit of toning, flute playing and working with our voices as part of the process. Many people had never done this before, yet once they began, it was if they had been doing it for thousands of years or Lifetimes, hmm. We also opened a gateway that will help many people across the planet have the energy they need to get through many of their fears and challenges so they too (you?) can step up to the next place of empowerment and awakening. Here are some stories from the Travelers: "In the Kings chamber we started to tone; I actually knew somehow about singing and lying in the sarcophagus from a long, long time ago... But the time is now and we are all here, toning - I never did anything like this, It's so beautiful, it just flows easily and the magic is being born by the power of our union here. My body sweats like in sauna It's my turn to lie in the sarcophagus. Here comes the picture - something is supposed to happen, how about if nothing happens?, ha ha ha, girl, let this go..., here comes the tunnel - it's dark, I have no intention to go through it- little scared... release all, just be in this moment... than for a short moment there is like a powerful "pull back", my body is melting into the rock, borders disappeared, I merge with Everything that is and I hear angels - this I can't describe in words, it is such a beautiful experience lived in that moment and I cry again now the tears of gratitude when I bring the memory back... Thank you all - humans, angels, all beings!" "In the King's Chamber, we all began toning as individuals; One by one we laid down inside the granite sarcophagus. I was standing nearby, watching clairvoyantly the healings each person received. As the tones echoed through the space, the intensity of the sounds grew louder and softened, reflecting the energy of the person being healed. I noticed two individuals' whose physical bodies became completely transparent with a light green color. These two I know to be amazing healers and the transparency of the light showed me how clear and giving they were. The light was able to fully illuminate their spaces. Others had a bright gold/white energy that came through the crown to clear stuck pictures, sometimes like a column of light that produced a dramatic effect. One person had a distinct Egyptian past life picture related to the third chakra light up in their body as healing energy was simultaneously concentrated at the 6th chakra, or third eye, where it created an eye of a hurricane that spun out energy from the center of the ahead and the aura but sent a strong hello to that neural space behind the eyes. What was interesting was that as the eye of the hurricane appeared, the toning in the room, which had gotten discordant when the person's pictures were lit up, became beautifully harmonic." "When we were meditating and toning in the king's chamber of the great pyramid, I became a bird and flew out of the pyramid. I saw myself in a past life. I saw the way things were in ancient Egypt. There were two sphinxes; they were part of A gateway that was used for coming onto the planet and for traveling back and forth to Atlantis. The river Nile flowed near the pyramid complex and the land was green and lush. I was a priestess who did healings with sound vibration, crystals and oils. Life was wonderful and peaceful. Goddess energy. But something went wrong. Evil beings used the gateway to come to the planet and disrupt peace. Chaos ensued and life changed. Unfortunately, I saw them kill me and right before they did they said, "where's your goddess now?" I lost my belief in the goddess in that moment, but I got it back the day we were in the Great Pyramid. I remembered who I am. I believe I closed a dark gateway in the king's chamber; a gateway that evil beings were coming through. Maybe, I even opened one, considering I gained some of my divine power back." "Inside the king's chamber, I found my voice while toning. At first I noticed it was coming from my third chakra, and as I continued to tone, the vibration started to move up and come from my fourth chakra and finally my fifth chakra. I found my voice; this changes my whole world." "As we were leaving the Kings Chamber, we noticed the singing sound of angels. It seemed to be a reverberation of the toning we were doing. It was quite loud to the ears, but very melodious." "The Kings Chamber: "I had been very excited for this private time in the Pyramid. Being in the Kings Chamber (again) was spectacular. It was a bit more "low-key" then in past lives, but very magical. I had glimpses of past initiations with many of the same people present while we were toning and taking turns getting in the sarcophagus. When my turn came, it was interesting because it was not Lisa who grabbed my hand to lead me there as with everyone else (as she had just gone right before me). Instead it was another pilgrim, which was amazing. I had such clarity that he had led me there before in a past life. It was perfect... When I got in, I could hardly contain my excitement. As everyone started toning, my body (especially my heart chakra) started vibrating SO STRONG that I couldn't stop laughing. I started talking to God, and said, "Oh my God, God!" which got me going even more. Then I relaxed and God showed me a past life initiation that didn't go so well (I died) and how much it had been affecting me for thousands of years. It was something I had suspected, but always seemed to tuck back away and not really look at. Then God showed me how it is a very big piece of the energy I came to work and get senior to this lifetime-the energy of competition. I could see for the first time, how this energy started with me and was all about me being in competition with myself. Up to that point I had always thought about it as being an energy with other people, so that was a new concept for me to ponder. Then God asked me if I was ready to forgive and stop beating myself up about it. I of course said, "Yes." And I knew that I would very likely be working that energy and visiting the place where it all went down as we proceeded on our tour of Egypt. I left the sarcophagus with immense gratitude and a whole new ability to connect with the Great Spirit. Also, with a keen awareness that I would be bringing back a large piece of myself that had been locked away and inaccessible to me." "Inside The Great Pyramid in a room called the King's Chamber is a sarcophagus. We all took turns lying down inside of it, it looks like a deep stone bath tub. I didn't quite know what to expect... Was there a lid and were they going to seal me in? "Ha Ha" I could heard them say! "Your initiatory step is to find your way out of this massive stone box!" Or maybe my spirit would teleport to another galaxy forever and my body was just going to drop through the floor like the ladies in the box in those magic shows at the circus? Who would bring my luggage back to California? Hmm, so many possibilities raced through my mind! That minute and a half that I lay there felt like an eternity, and when I stepped out my body felt weightless. It's hard to describe, but it's as if I got to experience myself as fully spirit, big and bright, limitless in my own pure essence. In Egypt the Light is so powerfully bright, and the darkness equally so. My mission should I choose to accept it, oh Great Child of Planet Earth, is to maintain and shine my light in any situation; To live in my True Essence. Can you shine on a train? Can you shine while in pain? Can you glow in a bus? Can you beam while they fuss? Yes, yes I can..." In the Great Pyramid we reclaimed great knowing. After that we sat between the paws of the sphinx at the 6th chakra or third eye to reclaim our power of vision. It was amusing that our every move was watched with care by the authority' of us poured a bit of water on a rock in front of the Sphinx as a gift.....oh boy, there was some yelling about that. They do not want water in any of these places. Water is Fluid emotional sustenance.; hmmm perhaps water and clear emotion helps in opening gateways? The sphinx is the riddle master and holds the energy answers for our planet. Our time here was expansive and strengthening.. The sphinx is the keeper of many many great truths. In this place each of us had our third eye recalibrated. It was an opening to seeing a greater range.... each person opening to see with the eye of spirit, that which is unseen physically. We are moving into a new era, the sphinx showed us each visions of what that is and how to create it. The energy held by the sphinx is very focused...some of the greatest teachings on the planet are here and the gates we opened for more of this and the gates we closed that were preventing this were indeed many! Here are some stories from the group: "While doing our group meditation below the head of the Sphinx I saw all these chambers or drawers pop out of the side of the Sphinx's paws. Then all these light beings came reached inside these magical chambers and gave each of us a key(s). It was an amazing site." "While meditating in between the paws: I was working on opening a gateway that would allowing past teachings to start to emerge that have to do with clean "green" technology. These were specifically being sent out to scientists, etc. to allow them to gain access to "new" information. Not really new cause it was coming from the Hall of Records under the left paw. This was information that has been lost for many, many years, but was utilized by past civilizations. I also had some incredible glimmers of the sphinx all colorful and surrounded by amazing gardens. That was cool." The Sphinx did indeed give us each a new key and sent us forth with her blessing to southern Egypt to find the gateways that fit each key. In doing this we each had our own riddle to solve. It was also a great metaphor for our lives on Earth. Each of us comes to solve some of the riddles of our own existence. Each of us is learning to be responsible for getting our own answers to the riddles. We forget this and attempt to get someone else to be The One" who provides us with answers. The Sphinx showed each person and shows us all each day that the path of return we each travel involves us walking our own path and discovering our own truths. One of my moments of hilarity was going back to the hotel after the pyramid and the sphinx.... I went to sleep and was deep on the astral processing our work and sharing it with others, when my wake up alarm went off. I couldn't understand why I had to wake up. I was reminded it was to go to a perfume factory where they process high quality essential oils. I had to wake up from a pyramid and go to a perfume factory? I found this most hilarious. case you wondered, the essential oils were fabulous. Very powerful healings offered by them. Day 4, we left Giza and traveled to Luxor, where we boarded the boat we chartered. 30 clairvoyants on aboat! You can imagine it was pretty magical. We visited many, many sacred places.... keep reading! Valley of the Kings and Queens From a Traveler: "This was an amazing space.... and the tombs were extraordinary. After the group visited the tomb of Tutankhamen and 3 others, where I worked on holding space and opening and closing gateways in the tombs; I sat down on a bench and just watched the natural pyramid-shaped mountain give way and collapse all around us. Then, I watched this staff grow into the sky. It resembled the caduceus or the symbol of the American medical profession. It seemed to represent the chakras and as the energy seemed to grow and move upwards, it bloomed into a very large lotus. MY soul felt so connected and awakened." Temple of Hatshepsut From a traveler: "As we were walking up the stairs to Hatshepsut's Temple, I started experiencing this incredibly soft but powerful stirring from really deep within me. And then I had this vision of being in a female body and being an initiate of some sort in this temple. In this vision, I had just gone through some rather large initiation and there was a ceremony of some sort. A powerful female figure was facing me and standing a step or two above me. She was very much channeling the divine feminine as well as owning her masculine energy (Hatshepsut? / one of her high priestesses?). She held in her hand a large goblet. It looked like it was filled with this golden light. I received the goblet with both hands and drank from it. In this vision my entire 6th and 7th chakras filled with light as I drank from the goblet and I had access to information that I had not had for a very long time as more and more light poured into me. At this point I became aware of the down loads that were pouring into me. They were downloads about having my truth, moving through fear, healing the masculine and feminine energies within, and all kinds of useful stuff..." Abydos: The temple of Osiris; another place for us to work with healing our throat chakras. There is a place between this world and the next called the duat, or in-between. You must travel through this at birth and at death. It is the space between here and the other side. At this temple we were able to close doors in the duat that leak away the vitality of being, doors that bring currents of atheist energy into being, doors that cause spirit to forget that it is real. As we watched, magnificent waves of light and creativity began to poor in, beautiful! It should be getting simple to move between the is 2012 and several of them are blending. This temple (several of them do) has these tiny windows to the outside world. If you stand before them at the right moment, in through this window the light shines into your upper chakras and ignites a powerful healing and raising of the energy in the pineal gland, the pituitary and thyroid. ... The Nile: From A Traveler: "The Nile is a mysterious river. While sitting on luxurious boat cruising down the Nile I faded in and out of regular time. One minute I was in the 21 Century, the next minute I was living in ancient Egypt floating on a sun boat looking at the land and it's people and their sacred cows. Scenes of the past floated by like a national geographic film. I was part of the living Egypt here the veils of time were very thin. " " Sleeping on the Nile each night in Egypt I fall asleep like a stone dropped in the Nile plummeting into a soft, deep silt. My dreams flow past like river water. When I awake my dreams evaporate like water form a stone in a hot desert sun." Dendera: Temple of Hathor, Goddess of healing: Heart chakra This was an important day for healing the heart chakra. The heart is a receptive center. It is about receiving a feeling of unity from our higher selves & experiencing it reflected to us through the experience of our lives. It is about connecting with our right place and our soul's purpose on earth. At this temple we were able to reclaim a state of inner unity and wellbeing. This temple is covered with hieroglyphic instructions on how to achieve balance, wellness and joy. This is a place that teacher all about unity; It is very well preserved and gloriously beautiful to behold. Just being in it, the down loads start to happen, so much data, it is very powerful. Some people were able to clear a lot of pain from where they died in the past trying to protect the integrity of this temple... Some were instantly reunited with a joy so deep and watery and delicious that they Laughed and they cried. ... From Travelers: "While in Dendera, we walked through various healing rooms. There was one specific room that spoke to me literally, asking me to remember who I was. I shifted between the worlds. I recalled my life as a child; a young initiate running down the hallways, skipping in and out of gateways, going to different healing places and teleporting to other temples. I saw rooms in which we used to learn about specific healing modalities from body massage to sacred plants and mummification. I had a vivid memory of a 2nd and 3rd level beneath the room we were standing in. As I ventured out of the room in present time, I was escorted down a flight of stairs that led to a lower level. On the way down, I found a guard, he was a watcher who greeted me and looked into my eyes, into my very soul and smiled. He touched his heart with his hand and my body quivered. He remembered me from eons ago and I remembered him. We embraced and tears ran down my face." "As we walked on the path towards the Temple of Dendera; Hathor's Healing Temple I could feel the anticipation of the temple calling my soul. Stepping inside the sacred temple walls I instantly had a flash back of being here hundreds, thousands of years ago. By my Side was a fellow pilgrim who had the exact same image, we both felt goose bumps up our spine and the tiny hairs on our body stand to attention, we started to cry simultaneously and held hands calling each other sister. Another pilgrim looked us in the eye and said "I too remember". Then another girl cried and trembled as the group of us walked through the temple gates with tears of joy streaming down our face s. We were back, We had arrived, it felt so much like home."

... Luxor: the Luxor temple is the temple of man. It is laid out as a replica of the complete chakra system and body system of a human being. It is a celebration of our divinity. It is many things. For us it was a way to upgrade our physical and subtle bodies and get them updated and able to hold higher frequencies of awareness, info and vitality. We started at the feet and sometimes had to stop every ten footsteps or so and just experience the magnificent energies that were changing, transforming and shifting within us. Tremendous! We did this at sunset, so the movement between the worlds was really tremendous. We also opened a gateway where the healing we received in this temple could flow out into people all across the planet. "With each step along the middle line towards the temple, the focus of coming into a new alignment became clearer... I experienced a restoring within my feet and knee chakras... It was so, so good, walking into and around my third eye center, finding places of great healing and mending cracks. Wow there is more....more then I ever knew!" "As we were walking down the main entrance through the massive columns of the Temple of Luxor (pylon and colonnade of Amonhotep II) I noticed many angels hovering above us. I also saw lions that seemed to escort us in the temple. They seemed there for protection. There were also soldiers lined up on the backside of the walls. Many plants and flowers were in bloom and grew along the columns and bordered the walkways. As we reached the Court of Amonhotep III, which was a very large opening; animals and birds filled the courtyard. I remembered then that Lisa had mentioned in our earlier meditation that we would be connecting with our guides at this temple; Guides that would be helping us through 2012. :) I found so many!" Luxor Temple. Temple of Man. "Enter from the Feet... a temple of ascension; with awareness, we walk the chakra system of the temple, asking for a raising of the frequency of each chakra. We are here to allow the Shift to happen. My experience: Nothing happening, nothing happening... as I walk others are Feeling it... Nothing happening... first chakra, second, third, fourth, faith, nothing happening... I keep walking. As I enter the open 'court' area... Whammy... the 6th chakra! I had no idea! It was amazing; I am getting emotional. Feeling stunned. I Keep walking... I make it all the way to the end and turn around... Wham... again ... is this the 7th and then the 8th chakra? Yes! So we all got an Upgrade... and I found my 6th chakra." Our Egyptologist has a project, I will tell it in the words of one of the travelers: Meet the Blue Lotus. "Our Egyptologist and local Egyptian landlord have been cultivating the Blue Lotus flowers in a private pond in Luxor for a couple of years. These flowers used to be prevalent in Upper Egypt. The symbol for Lower Egypt is the Papyrus. The symbol for Upper Egypt is the Blue Lotus. These are depicted in all the hieroglyphs on the temples. By 'Divine Miracle' (what else can you call her story), a few of the flowers came to her pond from outside Egypt, further up the Nile, as a gift. This is a big long story and I can only give you part of it. The Blue Lotus flowers were wiped out of the Nile below the dam 1,000's of years ago... Some of the flowers were brought to our boat and we got to meet these flowers in person. The flowers normally only stay open a short while, especially when cut from their stems, but after all the attention and healing that went on with our Group Meeting, those flowers lasted three days... a true miracle. The flowers were revered by the Ancient Egyptians... who no doubt knew of its properties in opening the upper chakras, and in healing. They are very delicate, have wonderful indigo coloring, and are very sensitive, they only grow in circulating Nile water. Our group bonded with the Lotus, its teachings, its vibration, fragrance, the advanced level of its vibration. Thus we became "The Clan of the Blue Lotus". In Egypt we get to learn about power. We gain understanding about our own power, where we own it where we have lost it and very importantly, how we use it. Our power allows us to create in time and space, no power and we can't create. Thus, people tend to go through all kinds of stomach churning as they travel along the Nile. This brings us to our third chakra (solar plexus) temples: Edfu, Temple of Horus, a Third chakra Temple: This one is all full of the teachings of the one we now call Christ, then Horus, one of the great ones of this system and perhaps the regent for Earth. Egypt is teaching about the gold, so is this great being. Read the story below and you will get a view into what can happen here. ... From a Traveler: Edfu Temple - Temple of Horus

"We never really know WHEN we are going to receive a healing, or HOW, sometimes. This day, about day 9, is the day so many things came together for me, and "back" to me, if you will. My story is kind of long but it is because all of it was the healing and the transformation that I came to Egypt for...Little did I know when we began our day, in the meeting room, with Christ Force healings that I would receive so much. I gave two Christ Force healings. In the first one I became the gold that was flowing through me in to the healee's legs. As I became that gold Jesus himself came and stood behind me and then he stepped into me, and both of our bodies filled with light. When I did this Christ Force healing on the second healee, an entire gold grid of light in the shape of Isis formed in her, and then in me. I became it. I heard, "You now have the strength and the belief that you will be held with these wings AND they will also allow you to fly". The grid of gold is mine! I see that I have a whole new structure from which to operate! When it was my turn to be healed, Jesus said to me, "I am YOU". I walk with you today"! And I was filled with an overwhelming sense of only love and Trust. How could I not trust the gold light of the Christ if he is IN me? It felt like overwhelming love and a gift beyond measure. Just seeing the Temple of Edfu, that of Horus made me weep. The grandness of it took my breath away as I was filed with remembering. Once inside the main entrance there were two small chapels on either side. In each one of those chapels I was able to use two of my "keys". I thought I had only one, but then Jesus handed me the other one for the other chapel. One was placed in the indentation in the wall of each chapel. Something happened, something opened. All I know is that I felt better. And I heard, "now you will have access to more information". Down the hall, our guide took us into one of two healing rooms that were side by side and explained that they were where Reiki healing actually began. As I stood there and looked at the hieroglyphs on the wall, so much remembering came into me: I saw myself as a young healer who worked in that room. I was 16, a young, powerful priestess. Shaking and crying with remembering, and Jesus standing next to me, He said, "Now do you remember Who You Are?" The healing room next to it was equally as powerful. It was where I had first met one of my dear male soul mates of this lifetime! I almost fell over with THIS remembering! I could feel the energy coming off the walls and into me. I touched the walls and the cartouches and the hieroglyphs and SO MUCH energy came back to me, all the energy I had left there. It was the Divine Feminine energy that I had given up long ago to men, abdicating my responsibilities, giving away my power. (And has that ever been a constant theme for me!) As I stood there a gold shaft of light came down through the crown of my head and filled me. Then I saw a shaft of blue light and a shaft of pink light come in from two directions and WEAVE with this gold, like a braid, and flow into my body. It was the Divine Feminine energy that I had lost back then, weaving with the Divine Masculine, in fact it was as if I was marrying those two parts of myself that had been lost! It was quite something! And I saw next, my soul mate, who has always loved me, say to me, "Do you remember who you are now? I've always loved you and just wanted you to be whole"! Whew.....THAT was a lot! But if that wasn't enough, the reading exchanges that we did once returning to the boat were the icing on the cake! Another one of the reasons I had been called to Egypt was to clear an Initiation that failed 30,000 years ago. I'd discovered in a meditation prior to the trip that I had been a sister with another dear one on the trip in a mystery school. Together we were completing our Initiations side by side. I was given tools, and, as my Initiation, was put into a tomb and was told, "Now use your tools and when you do you will get out. When you do you will have passed your Initiation. Otherwise, you stay in there"! Well, I failed to use those tools and there I stayed for 30,000 years! My poor sister has carried the guilt all of these eons of years for her passing her Initiation and me not. So it was imperative that I go and do it this time. Back to the reading: During an extraordinary reading which again gave many gifts through validations, I was taken back into that tomb. I saw myself just lying there, still wearing the white dress of my initiation, I was still lying in that tomb. I saw myself get up and walk over to the entrance that was blocked by a huge round boulder and effortlessly roll it away! Key word: effortlessly! And it was because of that Divine feminine power that I had called back in the Temple that day! Gold light came streaming in, so much that it was blinding, and I was free!! In front of me was an open field, a field of possibilities. It was the field of possibilities that I had seen before my trip. I knew that when I got back I knew I would be facing this with my current circumstances. I was very worried about it, about the not knowing what or how, and having to rely completely on myself now since my divorce.; A new and scary place. So here I was, looking at this in my healing vision, the same picture in etheric form, the one Great Spirit had told me not to worry about, that it would all be OK, that it would all become clear. Here I was standing before it, my worlds came together. Somehow, though, I am operating from a completely different place. I am operating from the place of the Divine Feminine, the place that is more effortless and more connected to the gold of Isis and the Christ within me! From trust and love. So, now as I step into my field of all possibility and creating for myself in a whole new way, and when I forget this new paradigm some days, all I have to do is go back inside and connect with this golden light of Egypt and of the Divine Feminine and remember the powerful priest I am! Forever changed! Forever to remember the connection of the gold of Trust and Love in the Divine. I am whole again! What an amazing journey! I am beyond grateful!"


Kom Ombu: This is a Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Temple This temple is for Sobek the crocodile god and for Horus, (a prior incarnation of Christ). We docked right beside the temple over night . At about four am I woke up to the oddest vision! There was Sobek on the deck of the boat! He was HUGE!! He Is a very good communicator with a well developed sense of humor. He told us his sacred task was to put each of us through his digestive system and give us a healing. "Being eaten by a crocodile god, a healing!?!" In one end and out the other; OK, so we do it. It was pretty cool, you go into his mouth and as you travel through his body you are cleansed and you come out clean. Everyone went through! Some went only once and that was enough, some liked the healing so much they went again and again. It is very hard to take yourself seriously when sliding bright and clean out the backside of a giant crocodile! Many who had been having stomach (power) issues got over them and felt much more balanced in their bodies in time and space after this. When we went into the temple, two of the guards came and opened a chamber where you crawl in and slide like a crocodile through to another space where you exit in a new energy. It was a total physical symbol of our initiation with Sobek. This experience was very funny and Very magical. It is good to laugh about power issues; they can be so darn serious!


From the Travelers: "This is where I got to really forgive myself and reach some closure on a "failure" in a past life that I realized I'd been beating myself up for, oh for thousands and thousands of years.... As we all walked toward the temple, I started getting a stomachache, and some dread started to creep in. "Oh boy... this might be the bad initiation location," I thought. I hooked up with some friends and took photos, listened a bit to the guide talk, but I was pretty distracted and not feeling so great. There were three or four of us walking around looking at hieroglyphs of the crocodile' which were pretty cool. We found this spot that I "knew/remembered" had been a cleansing waterfall of sorts at one time. It was located in the middle of the site. We each took a moment standing there. It felt like a place one would have gone to get purified. (I later found out this was the spot where many in our group experienced going through the belly of the crocodile!) Then it got good! We stumbled upon some locked "healing or birthing rooms" with an ever-so-handy guard who was willing to open the door to one if we promised not to tell anyone-Secret... Secret... Shhhhh... Don't tell anyone. Well, I was certain we had to do it. A few of our small group were pretty sure we didn't need to do it, so we stood for a moment and all just blew our pictures. Then we went for it. As he opened it up and let us in, every one of us hit panic and fear that he would lock us up in there. Funny now, not then! We really helped each other to clear our fear and pain pictures on that. Then we relaxed and could see how amazing that room was. We all seemed very aware of healing our female energy. We continued on, noticing the amazing artwork... this was a temple about healing and had all kinds of prescriptions, etc. in the artwork...Then we went to the right of the site and I saw what looked like a big keyhole... This was where the Crocodile tanks were. Where they would measure the water level of the Nile. TOTAL STOMACHACHE NOW! Ugh. We walked up to the area and another one of our group joined us and was telling us all about how the water levels could be measured, how the crocodiles could enter... blah, blah, blah... can't really remember what cause I just wanted to throw up! This was the spot... What was really cool though, was that it wasn't only me who had experienced dying in this past life initiation. I had buddies who were there with me then... and now. So together as a group we all walked around and tentatively peaked in. Hmmmm. Not so scary now. Looking down at the green water. Saying hello to the place we had perished many years ago. It was amazing to look down and see the steps we had walked down in that initiation so long ago. We could see the small opening that would have been underwater that we were to find and swim through to our safety. I was aware that I had made it to the opening, but died in there (not enough breath left in my lungs). That seemed like quite an accomplishment now, looking down. We each quietly looked and remembered our own experiences. As we did this we healed and forgave ourselves as well. This was incredibly powerful and so wonderful to get to experience it with friends. I had remembrances at many sites of past lives with people in our group, but this one was extremely special. We were all able to stand there and release pain, fear, shame, etc. As we turned away from the cylinder we all noticed a doorway... a new gateway for each of us. We took turns walking through... refreshed and new! Free of all we released in confronting fears and perceived failures. I left there without a stomachache, feeling strong and happy. It is amazing how liberating forgiveness can be; especially when you are forgiving yourself." ...

Philae ~ Temple of Isis This is a 2nd chakra temple

This temple is located on an island in the Nile. This is the temple of Philae, Isis's temple. It is tremendously beautiful and we were all very excited to go there. With the help of Isis, we were reclaiming our magnetic centers. That place of calm where with your own inner feminine (for men and women) we can attract to ourselves that which will fulfill us. We were also really paying attention to emotion. What messages is the body giving us through the energy in motion moving through our bodies? Here we are in time and space, how does it feel? We knew that today we would close planetary gateways for the energies of abuse, hate, rage...etc. We all know that rampant negative emotion is the cause for inner turmoil, struggle and war... Which then manifests into the world. Each of us has had this challenge. How great to close down some of the gateways for these abusive frequencies! We also knew we'd be opening gateways of peace, joy, clarity, safety, emotional freedom and more.... So as you can imagine we were very excited. Prior to departure we worked with the Isis Mother energy and gave each other healings with it. It was really glorious. We were ready! Taking a ferry to this island is pure enchantment. You are transported back thousands of years.... The colors, the light, the rainbow wings of Isis wrap around each person as they step onto the island. We were all in an ecstatic cloud as we' were led into the temple. We were told to go the sacred center of the temple first, the holy of holies. We drifted there like moon beams, feeling our way lightly. We got to the center and people were having amazing experiences just being there. As we pondered pure grace, suddenly: all the temple guardians (about 7) started to flip out and tells us "No Prayer", "No Prayer" over and over, they were very agitated and emotional. We're looking at them like "what's the problem we are just standing here?" Clearly they saw our light, they knew our very presence was closing an old gate of punishing the feminine place within us all....and opening a new gateway of pure permission for Clear vibrant feelings that support the interconnectedness of all and help us to balance the inner masculine and feminine rather then divide them. The work was done in a matter of moments. It required just our presence, as a group we were the key and they knew it!There was a lot of noise and riff raff going on, they threatened to take our guide's license away, it was quite a drama... and we flowed past it like water in a stream, energy moving, emotion moving and healing in movement vs. resistance. After that we divided into pairs and small groups to wander the temple and have the wonderful healing energy offered there. The guardians watched us like hawks to make sure we were not praying or meditating.... We found the humor in this and fed on the rhythm, the sweetness, the space and the light of this glorious place. Once the work had happened, the peace was lovely and even shopping on this island was of the only places that people didn't thrust things into your hands and insist you buy them. We departed, each of us changed, lighter, freer and happy to do this work for the planet and us all. From Travelers: "Walking into stillness, a huge vertical column, in the center of me, just vibrating, no action, being, I am restored." "I was alone at the Birthing temple of Isis, standing between the Blue Lotus pillars looking out at the water; I could feel all these parts of me flying back into my body. It continued for quite some time. I felt all these life times as a female and my loss of power. The victim, she in me went all the way from present time to the cave people days. Total survival energy. The message I received was that it was time to give up the story (Identity) or belief. It was now time for me to take my energy off the web of the female victim, powerlessness. Here I found space to forgive myself and to forgive others, to stop blaming. I gave up the victim and the victimizer. It is time to know and own my power. It was time to create a new story." "At The Temple of Isis inside the room called the Holy of Holy's, I stood in a room full of Angels. Imagine an ordinary room made of all stone with a high ceiling. If you have an open heart and magic eyes you can see the beautiful, luminous blue glow all above you. In this place were angels full of love, magnetic divinity & pure energy, beaming and healing our group just by simply being in their presence. We got to stand and receive. I learned how much love and healing there is in the presence of total neutrality; it is a giving of space that allows one to be free and to be whole." "I greet Isis; I Bow; pray hands; white; Welcome to My Temple. I greet Osiris : Peace; joy; own your own life. Thank you for coming. We appreciate the good, happy energy and benediction. Your help is needed... fulfilling a purpose. Blessing > to your new/old Blue Lotus Club. Horus winks his Eye. Hathor gives a dance/twirl/curtsey; twirls and claps hands above forehead. I offered grounding to the four corners; got the image of two pyramids on their sides... 'top' apex meet in the middle, with a line of light (gold?) going from top down. Nut, the sky goddess above, Geb, the earth father is below. From Travelers at Aswan: "The sunrise in Aswan was particularly beautiful...soft pinks & gold's lighting the sky and my heart...the message was that the re arranging of DNA was in process...we were going to carry that new DNA patterning back with us...and initiate the process effortlessly as we go about our daily has begun and the effect of our being the messengers is far reaching, beyond our wildest dreams." Abu Simble~ First chakra at the base of the spine and at the farthest south in Egypt

... We (with great sorrow & and tears of gratitude) packed up and left our magnificent boat this morning and flew over the great dam and south to Abu Simbel. Here we were greeted by a local guide and boarded our own bus for this farthest south and my personal favorite temple. We departed the bus and approached this temple from the back. It is a lovely walk to a clear green Nile...we turn and see huge statues at the temple entrances, oh! It is very grand, really dramatic, breath taking. There are two temples; they are entered by huge wooden doors. These doors ate stunning, they have a giant key of life as an actual key to open the doors1 As this key was the symbol and theme for our trip...this was a hugely powerful and pivotal place for all of us. Here, all of the temple guardians were light, funny, kind and gave us space to do whatever we wanted. (No other temple had such soft guards). I t was like we had passed go and picked up 200 pounds of amusement and good cheer. You could tell that these sacred souls wanted us there and welcomed us with sweet joy. The whole place had the energy of a giant reward. This was my third time here and each time I have been, I have received very powerful and completely life changing communication. I remembered the last time I was in Abu Simble (May of 95). That time, I was given the task to move to Hawaii and take the clairvoyant work there. I hadn't quite understood at the time that my higher self meant to found a Clairvoyant Center (ha ha).... but I realized in being there this time that this trip was rooted in the last trip as all the people on this trip had come through the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and Magic Isle Spiritual training! It was coming full circle! Tears of joy! Yes, it was a homecoming, circle complete. Interesting to note that Abu Simble is a root chakra temple and the big island of Hawaii where our center is, is the root chakra island. I felt completely at home here. Perhaps home is where the root is?! I've been planning to teach a first chakra workshop, this temple provided so much to bring that fruitful event into being. Several classes and workshops are forthcoming based on the great teachings of Abu Simble!


Sharing's from the group: "I belong in Abu Simbel. Even in the hot hot, I want to dance with joy. I am coming home. The energy welcomes me as I marvel at the statues of Ramses II. There is such lovely feminine energy and love of the feminine here. This is where I knew that all had come together and my great healing had happened. Now I knew that I could return home and let this joy and light spread out to all those around me. My chakras were in alignment and in absolute joy. There were so many keys there. At the very end I got to open a door with others. The light of the healers coming down the wall and ending with the Christ Force flowing into us to pass on. Such JOY!" "As I approached Abu Simbel, I literally felt my body vibrating. A few months prior to the trip, one of my clairvoyant colleagues had read my aura and told me that Abu Simbel was going to be incredibly important to me-"earthshattering" had been the adjective she has used. At the time, I had moaned, "Oh Jeez, that's another $500! I was planning to skip that one! Do I really have to?" She had laughed and said, "Well Hon, I don't know... but you might want to look at it." As we walked down the path it was almost more than I could do to not break into a full-on sprint! As our group gathered in front of the temples my heart and energy kept pulling me toward Nefetari's temple. As the guide ushered us into the first Ramses temple, I couldn't take the anticipation any longer and as subtly as I could I broke from the group and made a beeline for Nefetari's temple. As I walked in, the hush and lack of people created a moment of calm and I gratefully took a deep breath. The temple guardians smiled at me and in broken English kept pointing and urging me to the back of the temple where 4 large stone statues were in a private chamber. As I stood in front of the statues I heard a voice that was inside and outside of me all at the same time-"Welcome back" it said. However, what was earthshattering was that the voice was my own. I had left a message for myself thousands of years ago knowing that I was going to come back! The message talked to me about my journey as a soul, my purpose on the planet, and the work I was here to do. "You are a great queen" my voice said, "but not in the way people today think of that. You are the holder of a great gateway. You will shepherd many people through it so they can regain their power. This has been the plan for many millennia." With that, I was moved to start walking through the temple. However, the pattern of my movements didn't seem random to me-rather it was like my body had a cellular knowledge of which chambers to go into, where to stand, what to touch, and in what order. I could see that I was receiving downloads quickly and that little locks inside of me were opening. I came to a stopping place just as other members of the group were calling out that we had to leave in 5 minutes. At that point, I was so moved that I hastily dug for my sunglasses to cover the fact that I had been crying. As I hurried out of the temple I smiled at one of the temple guardians. He put his hands on my shoulders and with a kind smile asked, "Do you remember now?" Overcome again, I hugged him quickly and said, "Yes, I remember." Members of the group were already starting to hurriedly walk up the path back to the bus and I could hear their calls of, "Magic Nile! Magic Nile! We need to go now" However, I felt pulled to stop for a few moments and look back at the temples. As I did, what I experienced was more earthshattering than anything that had happened thus far. As I looked back I got an intense memory flashback of being there-only there was not here. It was about 50,000 years ago on another planet. The temples had been in another star system entirely! The experience of that day continues to vibrate and unfold for me. However, it has left me with a peace and a purpose I had heretofore not known-it is ascension physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is no need to worry-my journey is infinite and will flow along as it has for thousands of years. There is no need to feel lost-I see the bigger picture and my place in it. I only need to begin from now." *" arrived at the Temple of Abu Simble an emotional train wreck. I looked over at the wall and in the hieroglyphs was a smiley face. It was just two dots and a line, and Great Spirit right inside of it giving me some amusement. It was an insta-shift! Totally awesome! Reminded me how simple it is to shift anytime and any place and that the Great Spirit is everywhere!" "Why was I not able to 'take my place' in this incarnation so far? Grounding, power, bringing all the new alignment into stepping forward, hello world .... I can be here now." "Total relief and exhilaration were my immediate feelings as we approached Abu Simbel. As we walked down the path and the sea emerged, it was just breathtakingly beautiful. The color of the water was stunning, a pale blue-green-almost like in a watercolor painting. Gorgeous. It looked warm and inviting... and safe. The whole site felt like that to me. As I entered and was handed a huge key at Ramses temple, it really was like getting the cherry on the ice cream for my whole Egypt experience. Once inside, it was pretty much bliss out time. No grumpy guards seeming annoyed that we were there. No sleazy guards trying to take me to spots to "pray" or get "healing; Just freedom, beauty and magic. That was the Ramses Temple... The statues outside are immense, but the temple did not feel heavy and dominating at all. To me it felt strong, safe, and solid. Then experiencing Nefetari's Temple was even better. Seeing those amazing Hathor pillars inside with her feminine and playful hair flips about did me in on the joy level. I just laughed and smiled and felt so happy. Reflecting back, I can see that I was able to have complete amusement. I felt absolute permission for being a girl... and total permission for playful female creativity. The message I received at the back of the temple simply confirmed all of that. "Go out there and keep doing what you're doing. Showing women it's okay to be strong, creative and playful. Keep spreading the message of the Goddess." It was Simple and sweet. I was almost overwhelmed with Gratitude as we left that site. It was my favorite of all the sites by far. It felt like a great big hug!" In Abu Simble one of the pieces of data was from the animal spirits. It had to do with animals being our greatest teachers. They are helping us to grow and have the true light enter into us; these beings are some of the deeper gods and take on animal forms to teach us and to help us to get it. The animal's open and close gateways for us all, when we can learn with them and from them, we get to learn to open the gateways of wonder, each of us within ourselves and for each other. .... In the temple of Ramses, you can follow the hieroglyphs around the temple. At a certain place they end and the wall is empty stone as if waiting for the next set of drawings/images. The pictures say: Where the story on the wall ends: We see an image of offerings being given to a being of light. This being is totally in a feminine or a receptive state. We all must receive what is offered, in a similar way, we must receive the golden light. We must each hold the staff of our own true power, when we become strong enough to do so; then we can accept & receive healing from the masters of the light. Then, we each move into the next frame in the picture, the seeker reborn... The seeker slips through the fragrant doorway of Horus reborn in their very own most divine essence. The seeker uses the eye of Horus and learns to see. To do this, the only way is to hold truth and live in it within our doing (the masculine) and to receive truth and have it radiate inside us (the feminine).... in this way we are fulfilled and truly know our own paths. **That was a mouthful & that is what the images were telling us. All of this is why we at The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and Magic Isle provide Clairvoyant training...the tools we offer give you a way to have all of these types of experiences and so much more! Sharing's from the group: "We can all ask ourselves each day, "How am I using the Key of life?" "My time in Egypt made me realize that learning to love myself was the most important thing I could do. Of course I'd heard this over and over , but now I have it, I know it, it is real to me, I get it!" Thank you for joining us on the astral journey, weather you remember it or not, so many of you were with us. Thank you for doing your sacred work of meditation, healing and living truth while we were on this trip. We safely made it out of Egypt three days before the elections when all hell broke loose. Your living truth allowed us to do this and humbly we give joyous thanks to you all...words are not enough, but we are happy to live with you in the kingdom of heaven.

With Radiant Joy and seeing your light Lisa French Founder: Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and Magic Isle (Nile) Hawaii Kings chamber of the great Pyramid Poem from a traveler: In the darkness of the King's Chamber my heart is a winged sun, a sun with wings, Alight, aloft in starry radiance Witnessing the births of Holy Children from the gravity of granite, from the black sarcophagus Divinity has found me, I am in it's radius. But oh, it is so Bright! My sun baked eye turns downward in such glare... Blinded and disturbed the worms erupt, and snakes, and bat-winged fear Terror tears my wings apart I fall so far down, and down And deeper down, where cold stone overcomes my heart and takes my sight I will be left behind, and blind, alone the Sun has forgotten I exist. But no! I will not fall forever into shadow. I have failed before and failed And failed to reach the radiance, that Light And failed again, which is evidence of courage. I can see it now, Noble valiance, encrypted in this granite grave and tomb, this dark sarcophagus. I would be missed, and will. The brave flame re-ignites and kindles back to fire behind my eyes Slowly, the lotus unfurls and turns upon my crown Gold rains down & down My heart expands...hands help me to the manger, into the sarcophagus, the womb. I fall upwards, and my mind falls silent For information on how all the travelers on The Egypt trip were trained: They have all been students in the clairvoyant Training and Teachers Training programs at The clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and Magic Isle. These people came from all over the globe to Join us in Egypt in May of 2012.

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