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Sacred Scotland 2021

We are Extremely Enthusiastic to Announce Our Upcoming Sacred Journey!

The gateways will be opening in 2021.


Sacred Scotland
Unveiling the Heart of the Stones


A Magic Isle Tour in 2021


We will travel through the magnificent & rugged beauty of ancient Scotland. You will Touch the Sacred Stones that allows the land to open pathways in your heart & to your souls greatest creativity; as you take the journey of a lifetime.


The stones and the land provide a unique opportunity for you to reconnect the light filaments in your own body and through the stones to the source of all. 


Scotland contains a potent mystic imprint… One merely needs to visit, to begin to open inner gateways. Each of us has a story, well, we have many. Some of our stories have been shrouded in the mists, creating confusion & incomplete answers… In Scotland, we will find our stories, we will pour starlight into them and infuse them with starlight. With the return of our stories comes a certain wholeness. With the return of wholeness comes completeness and the awakening of the potential for a full light spectrum in our subtle bodies.















We will be entering the heart of sacred Scotland as we walk through the Gate Ways, visiting many ancient stone circles as well as sacred places where Mary Magdalene and Jesus are purported to have spent time. Yes, the grail mysteries continue to unfold in the glories of Scotland. We will have the chance to explore in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and the Knights Templar, visiting various Sacred sites where the legends flourish. This includes the world famous Rosslyn Chapel, which is the Crown chakra church. The Mystical Island of Iona, with its scared Abby and home of the Lady of the Lake. Stories say that this is where Jesus and Mary Magdalene birthed a child and sustained a ministry. While on the Island of Mull we will visit the Kilmore Church & see the famous pregnant Mary Magdalene and Jesus stained glass window. 


We will be visiting many sacred sites. Some of the highlights are the Callanish stone circle on the island of Lewis. This is one of the most fantastic stone circles that was ever raised. Here, we will have the opportunity for meditation, for healing & plenty of time to just be with the stones. This is an easy place to go deep into the inner world and connect with our own stories as we discover magic in the recesses of these powerful ancient stone sentinels.




This island has powerful healing medicine. It’s not an exotic place, it’s very humble.
The stone circle at Lewis is one of the great wonders of this Earth. Come to Lewis
and wake up some of the lights in your soul and allow the medicine in the stones
to raise up your vibration.




Many of us have found ourselves, through various experiences becoming divided within, perhaps fragmented or unable to bring different realities into a unified consciousness. With the return of our stories comes the healing of the heart. It is as if we give birth to an inner part of self where the innocence of the soul is restored and there is no question of self-worth. There are few things greater then a whole heart.


You will find that Scotland connects deeply to spiritual energy lines with Egypt, with France and many other sacred places. Those of you who journeyed to Egypt or to France with us will be able to see how this is a progression in the steps of unfoldment and sacred journeying. 

























We will be working with the Picts, the ancient blue people containing great formulas of wisdom & profound healing. We will be working with nature spirits and fairies who will help us to restore our hearts. We will contact many light beings; including visiting the highlands to contact Nessie the gracious being who lives in Loch Ness.


We will be taking numerous inner journeys & discovering much, as our hearts are tenderly healed in sacred Scotland.


You are being invited to delve into the Mysteries of Scotland whose rich History dates back to the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron age. Do you dare head the call and join us as we travel in a sun ways direction around Scotland, to some the most Enchanting spots on the planet? 


We will  starting in Edinburgh & Roslyn, then to Oban where we will be visiting the Ancient Standing Stones of Kilmarten Glen. We will venture forth by ferry to the inner Hebrides on towards the Sacred Island of Iona and Mull. Then on to the Magic of the Outer Hebrides, to visit the Isle of Skye, then Lewis. We will be transported to the far northern Island of Orkney and the most revered of stone circles at the Ring of Brodgar. These 5,000-year-old Monoliths vibrate in great purity. They are the heart of Orkney; helping us to tap into our hearts, release blocks and be truly free & connected to our own Divinity. On to the highlands and a boat ride on Lock Ness to see beloved Nessie!


We will complete our Magical Journey on the greatest railway in the world, as we ride the Harry Potter “Hogwarts” Train back toward Edinburgh to spend our final night in a castle.  




Listen to the Pixies they may be calling your name? 

Or is Mary Magdalene asking you to come back to the source? 

Perhaps it is Jesus and the Knights Templar calling you into the center of your power? 

Are you to discover a chalice, drink from the grail, raise a sword?

Maybe it’s the Dancing Stones calling you with their mystic and soul shivering music?

Are the gateways calling you with the power of their mystic opening?

Are you ready for this Pilgrimage? 

Have you been waiting your whole life to return to the stones and know your story,

while gently being caressed by the mists of Scotland as the ancient lands
welcome you home?




Please contact the Magic Isle office to be among the first on the list & receive priority status on our Sacred Scotland 2021 Tour.


Full itinerary & Registration will soon be available.


Magic Isle, Hawaii

(808) 323-9699




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