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One-to-One Program
One-To-One Program  



The Full Clairvoyant Training Program: Parts I & II

The Clairvoyant Teachers Training Program

We also take people currently in the teachers program

 who have completed the first 2 years of it & they can do these programs concurrently.


This is a unique and magnificent adventure geared towards the advanced clairvoyant, looking to dive into the deeper realms of self & freedom. The Spiritual One to One is perhaps the most glorious part of all the clairvoyant training work you have done so far.


When Dr. Lewis S. Bostwick taught this program, it was considered the cream of the spiritual work. Many people went through all the training programs just to be able to get to this one. You will find that after you do it, much of what has been a problem or a challenge in your life, simply clears away with great simplicity and ease.  


In this program, the work is done one on one between Student & Teacher. You get to move at your own pace and have the teachers full attention. When working one on one, if individual challenges come up for you, we can weave that into a session. The program is geared towards you, the unique being!  


As a trained clairvoyant, the curriculum you will work with, consists of many of the tools you know, but we use them in a very different way. You will discover yourself on a new and exciting adventure   We are going to work from a completely different energetic and as pure spirit.  This program consists of two parts, beginning and advanced one-to-one.  


The beginning curriculum we use was developed by Lewis Bostwick, and is a basic clearing & deep deprograming of many varied parts your spiritual anatomy.  From there, we journey into the advanced one-to-one, a curriculum created within Magic Isle & The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii  It starts with your most recent past life and moves you through many facets of what Lewis taught  over the years we spent studying with him; as well as containing some additions from us. It is an astounding journey.


Some of the many goals of this program are:  

  • High capability in deprogramming yourself  

  • Complete Spiritual Freedom  

  • Clearing all your energy bodies and systems and rebuilding them with your own information and your own original essence

  • To have strong, and wonderful communication with the Great Spirit and the God of your heart  



This program happens in a session with your teacher once a month and on your own as you explore the tools and the changes in your energy system. The monthly session is approximately 1 ½ hours in length.



Rev. Lisa French & Rev. Laura Rhule




Some of the most common questions asked about this program are:


How long is it?

Well, to keep it simple there are currently 17 sessions in the beginning and 50 in the advanced one to one.  But....Everyone takes different amounts of time as they do this work. Some sessions are extensive & some people will not complete what is geared to be one session in a given time and that is fine. 


What is the teacher's job?

The teachers job is to hold space for you, guide you and orchestrate the environment for you to heal yourself.  Part of that is allowing you your own process in time.  Also, sometimes you may be facing a unique challenge, or set of elements within you and we may design a special session, or part of one, just for you! There is a curriculum that we study and provide for you and yet we sometimes have to adjust it for your unique journey. 


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