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Mystic France 2016

MYSTIC FRANCE: Renewing your Divine Connections


A Sacred Journey to the Temples of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna


In May of 2016, Thirty Clairvoyants met in Marseille, France for the journey of a lifetime. We had prepared a map, traveling through a series of sacred sites. We followed the path and the teachings of Mary Magdalene, the Back Madonna and the Knights Templar. We called it Mystic France and we sought keys to learning, awakening, answers, truth, healing & enlightenment. Read about the trip.













“On a leap of (intuitively guided) faith, I signed on to the trip knowing this was a place I belonged...I felt so comforted to be in a place of openness; speaking about psychics, healings, other realms, unseen helpers, etc. Bliss was rising. What was a delightful surprise for me were the amazing and unexpected nature treks we took to the magical sites and ruins. All of my desires had manifested into one place, people and point in time. Joy abounding.”


- Valerie

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