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Meet Us
Rev. Lisa French

Director of Magic Isle Programs,

Program Counselor, Teacher


Lisa is a tremendous spiritual teacher, clairvoyant reader and healer with a seemingly endless supply of magical stories, enthusiasm and compassion. She is passionately dedicated to creating learning vehicles and teaching techniques for people to be able to know their own greatest teacher; their own inner being and higher self. She infuses the wisdom of her great experience in teaching, healing and reading, in everything she creates.


 Lisa was blessed to begin her training in 1983 in Berkley, California with the founder of modern day clairvoyant training, Dr. Lewis S. Bostwick. Upon graduating her teachers training, she joined the staff in Berkley and taught a variety of beginning classes, trained clairvoyant readers, provided healing clinics and ran clairvoyant demonstrations. She went on to become Director of the San Rafael Clairvoyant Institute in Marin County. Lisa was then called to Hawaii's' big Isle. She spent some time there working with the spirit of the land and then In 1997 founded the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii.


Lisa teaches many levels of Clairvoyant Training, the Spiritual Teachers and Leadership program, the Your Own Birth Series, Women's Classes, One to One and all different flavors of workshops. When you find yourself in one of Lisa's classes you know your in a safe place to realize and restore your own souls journey; a place to use the techniques offered to know your self. . Lisa loves this work because it allows people to liberate themselves without giving their power or devotion to a teacher outside themselves. You learn to reference and trust your own information, you learn how to know when it is truth and when it is not.


In Spring of 2012 Lisa led a very large transformational spiritual retreat to Egypt which you can read more about here. She will also be leading another retreat full of growth and healing in the spring of 2014 to Greece!


You will always find yourself growing like a beautiful rose towards the sun, getting taller, stronger and more vibrant when taking a class with Lisa. Her light hearted wisdom and jovial presence will ignite and illuminate the answers within you to your souls journey on earth. do you want to discover the keys in you that unlock the gateways to your own souls journey? To your souls awareness if grace? To your souls own magical formulas of guidance and truth? Come and join us for classes and growth at CCH & Magic Isle.

Rev. Stefi Heau

Teachers Program Manager & Counselor

Assistant to Lisa French


Stephanie Heau is a tremendous clairvoyant teacher, reader and healer and can be found bringing permission for all who enter into the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii to be the bright spirits that they are and reminding us all that we need not hide our light. Stefi teaches in many arenas here at the clairvoyant center and specializes in our Healing Series, Women's Intuition Series, Women's Workshops and can also be found running our Clairvoyant Reading Spaces & Healing Clinics. Stefi is also a counselor in our Clairvoyant Teachers Training and does a tremendous job helping people to see and know their own truth.


She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist where she works with the healing energy of the Hawaiian Islands.

Rev. Laura Ruhle

Program Counselor


Laura is a truly powerful creator who has lived on Hawaii for 25 years and is the Director of our Long Distance training programs. She is also a massage therapist and astounding healer.  When Laura first learned clairvoyant tools and realized how simple, real and effective they are, her inner enthusiasm tripled and right then and there she committed her soul to learning and to sharing this empowering work.


Laura has pursued a huge variety of spiritual teachings and trainings over the past 30 years. Fifteen years ago she found clairvoyant training and knew she was home. She is the creator of our long distance clairvoyant programs, guides and supports the staff and is vice president of the board of directors. Laura's an Inspired teacher, passionate director and essentially a happy person who infuses everything she touches with a creative spark.


Whether you meet Laura in person or in one of our tele-seminar class rooms you will know right away you are in the presence of a life lover. She currently teaches advanced clairvoyant training, various beginning and advanced classes and specializes in training beginning clairvoyants in how to read and how to really see spirit.  If you can get into one of her classes, her powerful enthusiasm and life enriching humor will assist you in opening up and awakening abilities in Your soul that are part of Your divine heritage but may have been buried, overwhelmed or dormant for some time. As a highly gifted clairvoyant, she is honored to be part of this universe and joyously teaches people how to find their own answers every day.

Reagan Breen


When you meet Reagan you'll wonder right away, "What does this woman know?" she exudes a charismatic inner radiance that is kind, powerful and welcoming. You can tell she has been walking a spiritual path for quite some time and is committed to the journey.

Reagan lives in Hawaii where she teaches grade school, extensive yoga classes and clairvoyant training. She has been actively studying yoga for 23 years and brings that passionate yet calm sense of well being to all she does. Reagan is a graduate of our clairvoyant and teachers programs and has been active in the clairvoyant training network for the last ten years.

Currently you can find Reagan working in our teachers training and in our graduate deprograming series. She has a tremendous grasp of the mechanics of spirit in a body and is ingenious in sharing those with others in a way that allows them a deeper grasp of their spiritual autonomy. If you can have an opportunity to be in a class with her, or have a reading with her, don’t miss it!

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