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The 22 Steps of Heavenly Enlightenment
The 22 Steps of Heavenly Enlightenment

The 22 paths of Radiance & Illumination:

A Road Map on the Path Enlightenment in Returning Home


Ever need a Road Map?

Pretty darn helpful!


This one is ageless. You can use it in any era, In Any part of the world.

The map is a journey through the 22 states of human consciousness, initiation, truth and awakening.

Each of these 22 steps is part of a path and each contains a key. 

Each of them are experiences we can all have.

Using the keys is a combination that opens the lock of enlightenment. 

Any situation or event can be understood through the truth of these tremendous keys!

This journey is called: “The Path of Return”


Our class will be Featuring the 22 major tarot keys and their teachings.

You will learn to understand each key and the path it offers you.


Each tarot key holds a unique aspect of the path of enlightenment.

Some have been greatly misunderstood.

Learning them allows you tremendous perspective.


Long ago when various sects and religions decided that only theirs were the true teachings,

Sages and teachers took all the teachings of radiance and enlightenment and placed them in a set of pictures.

These were designed so that to the untrained they would simply look like a card game.

 In this way the teachings could be preserved throughout the ages and those who carried them would not be persecuted. 

They could continue to pass them along though the generations so they would not be lost.

They are now available to each of you; and perhaps for you pass on to others so the light of awareness and knowledge never vanishes.

An image is worth a 1,000 words.

We are going to have a wonderful time leaning how to understand & work with the pictures.


Each month we will look at a key and through the imagery, discover some of the secrets of what will bring us freedom, mobility and joy.

The wisdom offered here is about your immortal self, yet contained here are the secrets to a wonderful everyday life.

Come join us to create total freedom for your innermost spirit!

What a great adventure!


Each Class includes:

-  Specific Teachings on the card, the stories, symbols and depths

- Humorous illuminations on how to live with this path in your daily life.

- How to use this card to receive light and radiance in your life.

-  Meditations on the path offered by the particular key we are discovering. 

- Sacred journeys into the world of the card so you can truly experience it.

- You will receive hand outs detailing some important and basic teachings for your personal use.

- Coloring instructions for those of you who choose to color your own keys.

- Knowledge of how this path fits onto the tree of life


Each card has a color, a musical note, an intelligence, a planet or sign, a concept and a letter. 

Each of these contain incredible gateways into the cards specific teachings....and helps to illuminate them for you.


- You will receive a set of blank tarot keys you can color as part of the awakening should you choose to. 

This is an option, not required. Coloring them allows the teachings into the body mind and the low self or subconscious.

- You will receive a copy of the tree of life, so you can see the paths.


Come join us for a magical journey and a gift you give yourself that you can continue to use through your whole life!


About the Teacher:

Lisa French received her first tarot deck from her mother at age 14. 

She studied with her mother and then with world renown teacher Jason Lotterhand and his apprentice Maud Renderstein in the Calif. Bay Area for many years. She’s journeyed the world with them and met with others who carry these sacred sets of images everywhere they go.

When she was 19 she attend an event deep in the desert of New Mexico. All of her belongings except the clothes she wore and her cards were stolen. She spent the week reading the cards and teaching others how to use them for personal growth in exchange for food, clothing and lodging.

She’ll tell you the story, it was a very clear communication from the powers of light that she was to continue to present these cards to others.


Lisa has discovered much about this path of illumination. 

These cards have helped her for a long time and she is very excited to share them with you!


Once a month for 2 hours for 24 months

Classes 1 to 26 are currently available by download. You may order any of these classes.

Once you have registered or requested certain classes, you will receive course materials.
Following each class, you will receive by email, data about your card to use in your mediations.
$45 per class - Included class task and meditation lists, a data page and coloring directions to color the key/card


Class 1: Key 0 - The Fool

Class 2: Key 1 - The Magician

Class 3: Key 2-The High Priestess

Class 4: Key 3 - The Empress

Class 5: Key 4 - The Emperor

Class 6: Key 5 - The Hierophant

Class 7: Key 6 - the Lovers

Class 8: Key 7 - The Chariot

Class 9: Key 8 - Strength

Class 10: Key 9 - The Hermit

Class 11: Key 10 - The Wheel of Fortune

Class 12: Key 11 - Justice

Class 13: Key 12 - The Hanged Man

Class 14: Key 13 - Death

Class 15: Key 14 - Temperance

Class 16: Key 15 - The Devil

Class 17: Key 16 - The Tower

Class 18: Key 17 - The Star

Class 19: Key 18 - The Moon

Class 20: Key 19 - The Sun

Class 21: Key 20 - Judgement

Class 22: Key 21 - The World

Class 23:  The Elements & The Aces

Class 24:  The Minor Arcanna

Class 25:  The Court Cards

Class 26:  The Readings


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