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Growing & Healing Through Fairy Tales

Growing & Healing

Through Fairy Tales

A Magnificent Adventure

in Women’s Well Being


All of these classes are available as downloads for $45 each or 3 for $120.


Cinderella  ~ The Power Returns ~


Sleeping Beauty  ~ Awakening from Slumber 


The Little Mermaid  ~ Giving up for Love


Snow White  ~ Reflections of Love?


Little red Riding hood  ~ Sovereignty & The Wolf


Thumbelina  ~ Finding your Right Place


Rapunzel  ~ Freedom from Enchantment ~


The frog Prince ~ Love & the Depths ~


Diamonds and Toads  ~ Reflections in Tears ~


Rumplestiltskin  ~ Tricking Ignorance


The Little Match Girl  ~ From darkness to Light




Hello Women! Remember “Once upon a time”?

Some of the stories were lovely. Some? Not so much. 

Does that sound like our journey through life? 


Each of the classic Fairy Tales contains powerful metaphors that can help us transform our challenges and discover greater joy in the stories of our own lives.


They were all written to help demystify and to illuminate classic difficulties, wishes, teachings, gifts, fears, and joys that each of us has regardless of our backgrounds, age, creed, ethnicity, and even choices. 


Are we hung up on some of the syndromes illustrated within these classic stories? Are we sometimes missing a step? Can the teachings help us become clearer, happier, more prosperous? 

Can they help us in our relationships?



This is what they were written to do. We will journey through them and see where we may be fluid and where we may be a little messy. We will look at beginnings, middles, and endings. In each story, which part or parts of the story may relate to your life? Which characters do you personally relate to and which ones are now or have been part of your life's journey?


We will be working with the teachings in 12 major fairy tales.

We will work with each one and how it may relate to us and our lives. 

Certain these tend to recur in the lives of women, simply because we are a little sticky on that part of the story or with that character, etc.


We are going to work as much as possible with the original versions, not the dandified ones. 

Though fun, many of the stories have been altered and thus vital teachings have been left out.


Some of the stores we will have our adventures with:


  • Snow White (Originally called the magic mirror) 

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Thumbelina

  • Cinderella 

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Snow White and Rose Red

  • The Princess and the Pea

  • The Light Princess 

And more!!!


All familiar tales but looked at from different angles they become mirrors into gateways within a women's soul. 


Our goal is to free ourselves from the binds of the past and the illusions we have fostered. 

It's also to integrate the wisdom contained in the images and metaphors so we can use it to be happy, to be wise, and to be awake on this lovely earth.


We will do this by discovering more about the stories, meditations, journeys and if you choose, journaling.



This Class includes:


One monthly class ~ You can call into our online auditorium live, you will also receive the download 

Basic story outline sent as a file you can download

Guided meditations in class that you can also do on your own

Journaling suggestions that allow you to continue to integrate throughout the month


For those who wish it: Partners from the class can be assigned to share and illuminate your discoveries with. 


For Women trained in clairvoyant reading, you can trade specific readings on the themes. 


2 healings within 2017 in the Women’s healing clinic





Lisa French

Lisa is the founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and Magic Isle. She has been teaching all of her adult life. For over 30 years she has been teaching spiritual & Clairvoyant classes and for the last 25 years has taught regular women's classes. She has received training in clairvoyance, shamanism, dream work, tarot, astrology and more. Lisa is a dedicated teacher who brings enthusiasm, knowledge, humor & compassion to all her classes & events.





First class is Tues January 24th at 5pm pacific time. If you cant make the time, you will receive the download. Class will be once a month.

Sleeping Beauty: Awakening from Slumber is March 14th. See Calendar page for full details.





All women are welcome, there is no prerequisite.

For the year: $45 a month

Individual months: $55 (we will announce each month's story and you can join for just that one if you like)

Register Today!


Email us:



Call: 808 323-9699 / 808 323-3199


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