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Mechanics of Female Fulfillment

Our female fulfillment classes are for clairvoyant students

and clairvoyant program graduates, presented in our

global auditorium. You can take it from anywhere!


Women's classes:

Our women’s workshops are powerful.

We release, we replenish, we heal. This is the root for all female clairvoyant healing work. Now we go deeper with the Mechanics of female fulfillment. Enter into a sacred space of safety for women to heal, learn and grow!

This class series is learning how to work with the female creative energy, The female switches, working with our emotions and so much more. Your creative energy as a woman, is unique and amazing. It is one of the strongest energies on the planet! It is the same energy we can use to create a baby. 


What are you doing with this powerful energy when you're not birthing a baby?

How much awareness do you have of what you're doing with it? 

How much do you give away? 

How much is creating chaos, frustration or conditions that we do not find happy or fulfilling?


Let's master this incredible energy and use it to create conditions we can enjoy. Let's use it to give and to receive in a healthy way.


Join us to learn some brilliant female tools that allow us to use this energy in accordance with our life's plan; using it in a way that we can attain our goals and feel good in the process!


We will be going deep with who and what is supposed to fulfill us.

The goal is to create an inner space of self-fulfillment that allows you to have a magnificent refection of that in your daily life.


We will be offering many tools to do this and you will have the opportunity to release pain 

and to blow your pictures when giving healing to other women.


Let's be renewed!!!




Lisa French ~ Lisa has been teaching women's workshops in Hawaii for 17 years. She is the founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii and a graduate of a women's teachers program and has enthusiastically been teaching , reading and healing with women for over 30 years.



What's Included

This class provides an extensive curriculum created for women everywhere to look at and heal what is in their way to experiencing true fulfillment in a female body. 

- One women's fulfillment class per month

- Participation in 1 female healing clinic per month


Not required or part of this series, but strongly suggested, as it will complement this work in a big way; is attendance in our monthly female workshops. 


These are deeply healing events and they are different classes than the "Mechanics of Fulfillment" classes. They are $35, but if you join the monthly series, it is $30 a month.


If you miss the monthly class, you will receive it by download; though we love having you present. 


All classes available for download.

See the list on our downloadable classes page.



  • This class is open to Female clairvoyant students and graduates of any Lewis Bostwick type clairvoyant training program. 

  • We would like to see you have at least three of our women's workshops prior to this class so you are well aware of the mechanics of female grounding. If you have not had any, (not to worry) we have many available by download. Feel free to check our store at 

Female Creative Energy: Reclaim it, clean it out and use it!


You may register by contacting:

Magic Isle:

Or call: 808 323-9699 / 808 323-3199

Or The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii :

All classes available by download!


Email us:



Call: 808 323-9699 / 808 323-3199


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