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Downloadable Classes


Aloha and welcome to the
downloadable class archive.
If you see a class that
you would like to experience,
the following classes are available
for download—email us
with the name of the class you'd like
to order.



Classes for Download:
Women's Workshops:
  • Female Energy & Drawing from the Well: Nourishing our Dreams with the Waters of Healing in 2018

  • Female Energy and the Polarity of Male Energy: Finding Appreciation and Understanding of the Dichotomy- in You and in those around You

  • Female Energy And the year of the DOG; Intelligent, Brave, Connected

  • Female Energy and Eggs; Allowing Ourselves to Crack into Ecstasy

  • Female Energy and Elephants; Knowing Who You Really Are & Remembering the Bigger Picture

  • Female Energy and the Mystic River; Dancing Between the Worlds in Every Day Life

  • Female Energy and Karma; Coming off the Treadmill and into a True Creative of State

  • Female Energy & Fire: Burning away Toxic Debris to Start a New Day/Way/Say

  • Female Energy & Water: Finding calm joy, wild dreaming, abundance & fluid grace

  • Female Energy & Dark Feelings: How to use them to Explore your Joy

  • Female Energy & Owls: Find your Night Vision & Soar through your Dreams

  • Female Energy & the Madonna in Her Many Forms: Receiving your Inner Star of Healing in the Season of Light

  • Female Energy and the Golden Goose: How to get her eggs and what to do with them

  • Female Energy and Sacred Vows: Making the #1 Vow with Yourself and the Divine

  • Female Energy and Magic

  • Female Energy and Mother Bear

  • Female Energy and Tension: How tight do you hold the reins

  • Female Energy and Kangaroos: What are you holding in your pockets?

  • Female Energy and Cats: Walking between the Worlds

  • Female Energy and Dolphins: Creating space for joy in our lives!

  • Female Energy and the 4 Elements: Healing with the Earth

  • Female Energy and Taming the Inner Dragon: Managing Your Beauty & Your Beast

  • Female Energy & Creation: Reclaiming the Raw Power

  • Female Energy and the Law of Attraction; Realizing ways to Manifest Delight in Your Magnetic Feminine Energy

  • Female Power and Men; Holding your Essence without giving away your Self, your Energy & your Light

  • Female Fulfillment & the 4 Mother Energies; How to Orchestrate Freedom in Your Female Universe

  • Female Energy and Riding the tiger; Discovering vulnerability as power

  • Female Energy and your Inner Muse: How to Connect with Her for Your Life's Work, Inspiration & Joy

  • Female Energy and Twilight & Dawn; How to use these Portals to Open your Soul

  • Female Energy and Dragonflies; How to Live & Love Effortlessly

  • Female Energy & the Great Mystery; How to be Successful & Fulfilled by Living in it & Integrating It

  • Female Energy and the Phoenix; How to Have True Transformation & Healing in the Rebirth of Your Feminine

  • Female Energy & Leaping Chasms, Awakening Trust: How to find the Jewel in the Paradox

  • Female Energy and the Big Shadow; How to Access & Heal the Deepest Places in our Hearts, our Bodies & our Souls

  • Female Energy & Answers & Questions; How to use your Female Anatomy to Help you Find the Truth

  • Female Energy and Clearing Toxicity from our Depths; Cleaning out the Well

The Fairy Tale Series:
  • Cinderella  ~ The Power Returns ~

  • Sleeping Beauty  ~ Awakening from Slumber 

  • The Little Mermaid  ~ Giving up for Love

  • Snow White  ~ Reflections of Love?

  • Little red Riding hood  ~ Sovereignty & The Wolf

  • Thumbelina  ~ Finding your Right Place

  • Rapunzel  ~ Freedom from Enchantment ~

  • The frog Prince ~ Love & the Depths ~

  • Diamonds and Toads  ~ Reflections in Tears ~

  • Rumpelstiltskin  ~ Tricking Ignorance

  • The Little Match Girl  ~ From darkness to Light


The Deprogramming Series:

  • Have you Diminished your Light, Thereby Lowering Your Ability to Have & to Create? Lets Bring your Light back for this New Year!

  • Deprogramming lack out Your Life’s Dreams & Taking Back Your Power to Achieve Them!

  • The Right & Left Hemispheres of Your Brain: Healing the Bridge so as to Restore a Healthy Fluid State of Communication

  • Liberating your Awareness of as well your Ability to Use Akashic Records Clearing the Programming not to Know

  • Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power: To Receive Our Answers, Our Power must be Present

  • A Journey through Time; Resetting your Essential Frequency


Clairvoyant Graduate Classes:

  • Clearing Debit & Credit Programming; Creating Freedom from the Entities that Promote This

  • Healing from: The Space between your Parents 

  • Have you Diminished your Light; Thereby Lowering Your Ability to Have & to Create? Lets Bring your Light back for this New Year!


Women's Fulfillment Series:

  • Classes 1 to 54 in the women’s fulfillment series are available.

  • Class 1 is a gift for any woman who is a clairvoyant program graduate and wants to explore this.


  • The Teachings of the Unicorn: A Discovery in Shamanic Wisdom & Healing

  • Creating your Dreams, Intentions, Lifestyle & Creations

  • Healing & Renewal with the Phoenix; A Transformative Meditation for Challenging Times

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