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Your Own Birth
Your Own Birth 2016 
Theme: Clear Seeing, Powerful Vision
& Scintillating Perception


The Your Own Birth Class is an ongoing healing class.

You will get a huge healing in each and every class


What we will focus on in this series is Clear Seeing, Powerful Vision & Scintillating Perception: Image-ination is creating and seeing: if you can image (imagine) it, you can create it! Let's heal strengthen, redefine and liberate this ability! Let's reclaim what we intended to have this life time from the control and limits that set in at conception.


Your family, the genetic lines, religion and cultural "norms" and rules are a big factor effecting not only your ability to see and to be a great clairvoyant, but also your ability to see yourself, see your goals, visualize your dreams, etc. We want to be able to hold clear vision and grounded perspective in relationship to all that we do and all that we are. We know we are blowing pictures, but to be truly great creators, we must also make new ones! We need in our skill set, every faculty of vision possible to create clear pictures and know we are creating them in truth and in alignment with our souls journey.


There are so many influences and programs that get deeply set within us during conception and during our time in the womb, some are:

- The way our parents & grandparents were trained to see or not to see  

- Religious influence and limits on vision 

- What was accepted or not in the family line & Culture 

- Emotion mixed in and overwhelming vision 

- Need blended into and thus drowning clear vision  

- Ego blended into and warping vision 

- Narcissism overwhelming and controlling vision   

- Fantasy vs Reality in relationship to seeing 

- Rules: What we are “allowed" to look at and not "allowed" to look at 

- Projections that overpower the truth in seeing what is and what can be created 


As you can SEE, there are a lot of factors here; we will be doing healing & deep deprograming work on all of them at conception, and in each of the three trimesters of fetal development in the womb. 


We will also be clearing much fear out of and limits from Fear, in relation to our seeing. In our world, we know that fear has been a big factor in relationship to seeing, how many 100 thousand people were burned for having vision? People who see have been ostracized in 1000's of ways by those who are frightened and those who wish to control. Consider: People who are hiding things and holding secrets didn't want people to see. We are going to clear the roots of this fear out of the inception of this life so we no longer have to be overwhelmed by it, limited by it and be at its mercy.


While in the womb: We got immersed in a lot of intense & limiting vibrations that deeply penetrated our development, our bodies & our psyches. Lots came from or through our mothers; this is important for all of us to heal, but especially for men as it is female energy that is very disorienting to the experience of having validating male energy in a male body.  No blame here, the facts are that as we are immersed in a mothers flow, we are deeply effected by it. Whatever the velocity of our mothers emotion or vibrational frequency, anyone else with similar emotion or a similar frequency will be hard for us to separate from. This causes us to often subconsciously & automatically sync with that same vibration or frequency of energy…which of course has nothing to do with us, so is quite overwhelming. We will also have been exposed to our fathers energetics in a variety of frequencies and other family, neighbors, community, civil events, etc. Whatever your mother was in range of, your developing body was exposed to.


In the 2016 season we will work with the myriad aspects of vision and clairvoyance; clearing away tremendous limits and creating space to welcome and re-set our ability to have true and scintillating vision from the time of the womb in a way that allows incredible freedom in our human state. We will clear away the pain, the programming and the limits within our ability to perceive; creating more space for each of us to create that which fulfills our souls each day of our present lives here on Earth. 


The Your Own Birth class is once a month and each month in the 2016 series will feature tremendous healing & build on the work we did the month before.






Graduation from a Clairvoyant Training Program (Structured in the Lewis Bostwick Tradition).


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Your whole life is conditioned by the vibration you were conceived in & the energy coming into and out of the womb while your body was a fetus. You will find that as you do this work a lot of confusing or painful emotion that has been with you your whole life will clear graciously away. The moment of conception and every moment in the womb & then Birth itself is very profound; what energies, images, beings & vibrations are present in that time, effect  the entire pattern of your life. We will be healing and rebuilding the set of vibrational events that led up to your birth….and working on clearing the painful vibrations and energy around your birth itself, and often into infancy. 



Rev. Lisa French ~ Lisa was originally trained by Lewis S. Bostwick 30 years ago and is the founder of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii which has been teaching from Kona Hawaii for 18 years. Lewis is the creator of the Your Own Birth class series; Lisa took this class from him for many years. She now continues to work with him very closely. She builds the curriculum with him on the astral or dream plane, and in spirit to spirit communication.



First class is a Live Tele-Seminar on January 26th, 2016, at 5pm HST - 7pm PST - 10pm EST and at 5 or 6 am in Europe. This class is once a month for the full year of 2016. Class is one Monday a month, a list of class dates will be given to you when you get started.


The YOB Class is $45/month.


*If you are unable to attend the live class,  this is not a problem; you will be assigned a partner you can take the class with by download.


How that works: You will receive by email a partner who also was unable to make it to class. Then, On the Telephone: You listen to the class at the same time as your partner and do the healing work on each other.  :)


We will be creating a lot of magnificent clearing. Please let us know if you will always be unable to attend live so we can set up your partner accordingly. Thanks!


Class Structure: The class starts with a 30 minute meditation & lecture in preparation for the healings we will do in that class. This is followed by the healing/deprogramming sessions. One you give and one you receive with your partner. The class ends with a short closing session.


Reading: Please make sure that you read auras weekly as you take this class. This enables you to easily clear the pictures that light up, so that you can stay in divine flow.


Come and have some fun shifting your whole world in a way that fulfills and satisfies your soul!


Join us to awaken & clarify so much of who you are & create more space to fulfill all of who you are!


To register: Contact us at or 808 323-9699 or 3199.


2015, 2014 & 2013: (are available now by digital download)


The 2015 Series focused on Inspiration, Vitality and wellness. We cleared all the major body systems and more! You are welcome to do this series by download.

Register Today!


Email us:



Call: 808 323-9699 / 808 323-3199


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