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If you should miss the class, it's simple, we will send you the class by download.

All classes will state if they are presented in our Global Tele-Seminars Format or in Hawaii.


All of the classes taught in Hawaii are also available via digital recording immediately following the class.



You may register for any of our events by contacting:

Magic Isle at / (808) 323-9699

or The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii at / 808 322-7673


Magic Isle accepts registration for teleconference events for up to one hour prior to the event.




Female Energy and the Law of Attraction in 2019; 
Realizing ways to Manifest Delight in Your Magnetic Feminine Energy

January 23, 2019

3pm HST - 5pm PST - 8pm EST

(also available to be ordered)


Your female energy, is like a silvery substance rather like to a mirror. It is however, living & it holds onto all kinds of things. (Emotions, memories, people, experiences..., etc.) 

Are we holding onto things that are blocking us from filling our hearts, our souls, our dreams & our bodies with well-being in every way? If we are… Its time to clear out this substance and re-set it for an incredible year! 


Female energy is by nature, magnetic and attractive. Most of us do not grow up in a society where we are taught what this really means & how to have it in a way that is graceful, non-competitive and incredibly fulfilling.


Our male energy is our active, go get it energy... it’s amazingly important. 

It’s generally what we are trained in as we grow up & continue to develop, in today’s world. 

That means we need to each of us as women, delve more deeply into how our feminine essence really works.


Around the planet, we notice that there is an incredible imbalance in the masculine & feminine energies at this time. In some way, do we also have this imbalance within ourselves? 

It's up to us as women, to find these balances within ourselves and to make a beautiful peace that we can live in, 

Versus the greater turbulence that affects our entire culture and world in so many ways.


In this workshop, we will nourish our feminine essence & set the stage inside of us so that we can magnetize to ourselves, which feeds us, nourishes us and allows us to sustain ourselves. Doing this allows us to create and sustain beautiful Lives. This is so very, very important.


Prerequisites: None

Open to all women.

Cost: $35 Donation

Prerequisites: None, open to all women.


Register now!







The Deprogramming Series for Global Clairvoyant Graduates Presents:


Reclaiming Your Spiritual Power: 

To Receive Our Answers, Our Power must be Present

Parts 1, 2 & 3


Part 1 : Thursday, January 31, 2019

5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10 pm Eastern



Part 2 : Thursday, February 28, 2019

5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10 pm Eastern


Part 3 : Thursday, March 28, 2019

4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10 pm Eastern


What have I done with my power (?) Asks the person who is confused.


Have I given it away?

Have I put it in a box somewhere?

Have I left it in the past? Have I sent it into the future?

Did I put it into a dream? If I did, where and when is that dream?


Have I, in someway, been told I’m not powerful and so I have let my power leak away?

 Have I made the decision, conscious or subconscious, to give it away to somebody who wants it, or demands it, or Coaxes or hypnotizes me into letting it go?


Have I had an experience where I felt I had no power? 

Based on this experience did I  make the decision it was true and simply quit using my power or simply just let it go?


Have I in someway been programmed by anyone that they are the one who should have the power not me; so I have gifted it to them? 

Perhaps there are many of them?


Have I given my power to somebody who looks like they could use it better than I could? 

Have I given my power to a good cause? Have I given my power to someone who intimidated me? 

Have I given my power to a system of rules or laws? Have I given my power to a family member, or friend, or neighbor? 

Have I given my power to a teacher, a leader, an artist, a writer, a leader in someway?


Well, I’m sure you can see what we’re getting out here. 

We find that so many people who are bright and beautiful are still somewhat diminished in when it comes to having their power and 

being able to fulfill their sacred journey in this lifetime. 

Our goal is do this in a way that is memorable and clear and connected with the divine.


Are we each able at the completion of this lifetime, to look into the eyes of the divine and say:  

“Yes, I remembered, Yes, I used my power, Yes, I did what I went to earth to do, Yes, I remembered what I wanted to remember, 

Yes, I realized who I am and I lived my life in the True essence of that, without compromising it for anybody or anything, anytime, ever.


Join us, this will be a very, very liberating and illuminating class.


Along with looking at where our power is and gaining it back we will deprogram some of the energy & programming that allowed us to create reasons to diminish our power resources in the first place.


As well, we will visit the halls of power in the realm of the Akashic Records.

We will get a tour and discover some ways to work with this place.


We will each walk away from this class with some knowledge on what triggers us to give away our power, what are some of the indicators that it is missing and how to get it back. It is clear knowledge that in order to have all the answers that allow us to be ourselves and to know who we are and where we’re going, we must have our power.


To Include:


Visit the Halls of Power in the Realm of the Akashic Records.


This year we are expanding the journeys into the Akashic Records and some of the other places of power; so that each person has more time there and more opportunity to learn many different ways to use these places. It’s very energizing when we go as a group so will be going for at least 35 or 40 minutes on each journey.


Within each of the three classes, we take journeys to the Halls of Power:

Part 1:  We will be discovering several different places where various forms of information about power are stored and how to interact with it as well as how to get back power that you’ve lost or given away along your path. You will learn how to go there, who can escort you and help you, how to do it on your own and how to really integrate this work. After this first session there’s a much bigger part of you… And you will have more capacity to use your creative powers to restructure every day life!


Part 2:  Here we investigate & gather up our own data on different types of powers. We will learn how the information is stored and where. You will also discovers how to re-align yourself with your own powers that you’ve lost or given away that are very much your divine birthright as a soul personality. You will get some very big parts of yourself back at this time!


Part 3:  You will learn how to work with your own power within the the past present and future in the Hall power. You will be able to journey through periods of time, where you may have left immense  parts of your powers and get help in gathering them back up and re-integrating them with your present self. You will come out with more energy, more power & greater ability to see who you really are!


So many of us have become diminished of the biggest parts of what we really are that sometimes we get invalidated because when we look at ourselves we don’t see all …. that we think we should see! We are actually right because we are  missing information, Powers, abilities, sometimes even pieces of our souls. So let’s get back & retrieve some of those things we’re missing so that we can be whole full people and reflect whole full, satisfying, immensely Magical and Abundant lives.





Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program With Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.


Live Global Tele-Seminar:


Part 2

Thursday, Feb 28th, 2019

 5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


Part 3

Thursday March 28th, 2019

5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


Please be Aware:


It would be most expedient if you took part one before you took part two, etc..  However if the spirit moves you to do part two and then part one you are most welcome. :-) Part one is easily available by digital download.



Lisa French: Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)


Cost & Registration:

$50 for each part or $45 for each part for students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs.

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:


Contact Magic Isle:   -   808 323-9699

Or The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii   -   808 322-7673












Creating your Dreams, Intentions, Lifestyle & Creations in 2019


Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

 3 pm Hawaii - 5pm Pacific - 8 pm Eastern


This live event, held in our global auditorium, is going to be a happy time for creating.

We will be sending off dreams, wishes, requests & all kinds of wonderful creations.


There is something very powerful about raising the energy and doing something creative in a group. 

One of the great secrets of spiritual creativity is: “ whatever energy you’re in when you create something, is the energy you’ll be in when you receive it.”


Often if someone creates something they really want, but they do it in a very low energy vibration…

They do get it but they don’t generally recognize their creation because it comes back a little twisted in that lower energy level. 


We are going to raise the energy as a group and create a very big bright symphonic magic.

In this way, as we put it out there it gathers strengthen volume is able to come back to US with 

A much richer expression of what it is were really wanting to have and generally a much more satisfying experience.


We will learn some techniques, we will honor the whole body in this creative experience and learn how to initiate the creations from the highest levels. 


Please read the directions at the bottom on how to prepare for this workshop. 

They are not required, but you may find them greatly helpful.




Personal life: self-care, family, relationships, health, meditations, manifestations, home, journeys, etc.


Each person will get the opportunity to focus on very personal creations. What do you want, for you and yours? 

You can focus on very simple things like daily routines and being able to include things like meditation, joy, clear communication, self-care. You can ask for things like daily interactions with people that are stimulating and enriching. Maybe you’ve been deeply involved in certain processes and need to stay with the inspiration, 

Maybe you’re raising children, maybe you’re moving or changing jobs and asking for some very big lifestyle components. Maybe you have a special request of the universe involving your health and personal well-being.


Work/Career/daily interface with World Structure, Participation & Creation:


Each person will also get the opportunity to focus on things that perhaps relate more to their work or career or what it is they do and how they contribute to the world. Perhaps there are decisions to be made or new things to realize? Perhaps it’s important to change the structure of work, or work the success line, or make adjustments, or ask for more. There’s a lot. It’s a wide open field and during this time you’re going to be able to float your magical pieces into that part of the universe that receives it and wants to get back to you.


For the Collective:


What do we want to request and ask for and create for the general health and well-being have the whole collective? This is a way we can participate at a higher frequency by working with light beings to make certain kinds of requests. 


Maybe simple things like it being easier for people everywhere to get solar electricity in their homes? 

We will work a lot together in this particular portion creating gifts and opportunities for the people of the world at large to awaken, become free, become healthy and have their needs met. With the entire collective takes a step, we all do. 


We will do this without forcing our viewpoints, we will simply create space for the opportunities to be there for all who are ready. I will ask the light beings to help intervene. This part, is going to be really fun! 

How about easy and available cures for a very serious diseases that are safe and non-toxic and easy to access and to afford? 


Along with it maybe there’s counseling for those people on what their bodies were trying to communicate to them so that they can learn and grow through their conditions?




We will put out our own requests at a spiritual level. They may be very personal or they may involve other people. 

We will work on a technique that does not allow us to project what we think others should have onto them but simply to create space for them to have their highest good. 

As well creating space for us to have our highest good! What are our spiritual goals as far as being able to communicate at a higher level with each other? 

Perhaps with the earth, the plant beings, the stars, the animals, the light beings… And so on......


So this class is really going to be about having a space to put it all out there. We don’t have to be experts at any of it yet or understand it all yet but we are casting are seeds up into the rich gold is following up from the new year and ready to take our dreams and raise them up into beautiful stunning creations that will stagger us with how wonderful they are.


Preparation Directions:


Consider as you perhaps prepare some ideas or lists or images of what you’d like to create in this, a new year. 

It’s like you walked out of the energy fluid of the old year. You are a liberating yourself from all the experiences that did or didn’t work and you have an absolute fresh canvas of life to work with. There are no limits. There is pure potential. As well, there is the reality that one only has so many hours in a day so when does have to make choices.


You might enjoy sitting down with a journal, a notepad and maybe some drawing implements. 

You might want to go into a meditation and spend some time considering what you really want to create? 

What makes you feel good when you consider it? It might be good to approach this from a child like space and not consider the limits but instead the possibilities. 

Write it down or draw pictures, or something ... so that when we’re doing the workshop, you’re prepared with what you want to ask for. 


Now you might get to the very moment of the workshop & we’re about to do it. Then you realize it’s not for you and you want to change it, that’s your privilege! And sometimes that’s part of the process.... Or you refine it.... So, its best to find your sense of humor and enjoy the process. 

It’s important to not take it too seriously and if it all possible don’t think about past failures and successes, just get into the flow of now as if you are a new person, in a new year, creating new dreams! You are!


Even as you read this, the light beings that have been called upon to support us with this workshop will begin to support you in your dreaming, creating, writing, intending.


We hope you make it live, as it will be a great time but if you can’t, not to worry, you will receive the download.



Open to all who dare to create a wonderful life



Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years. 

Lisa also has a degree in shamanic arts and has been active in that field for the last 20 years.


Cost & Registration


Donation: $45  

For Students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs $40

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:

Or CCH at: 


Magic Isle:   -   808 323-9699

Or The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii -   808 322-7673






Female Power and Men;
Holding your Essence without giving away your Self, your Energy & your Light

Wed February 20th, 2019 at 5pm pacific

3pm HST - 5pm PST - 8pm EST


All classes are available for purchase by digital download once the class has been presented.

There is much we can give in the form of love, nurturing, Communication and kindness. There is so much we can receive thats glorious, lovely, empowering, strengthening and incredibly joyous. However, there seems to be, in so many women, a deep inner propulsion to give part of our core and essential feminine power to a man. The men, can vary. It can be fathers, brothers, friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors as well as lovers, husbands and partners.

If you give away our light you & other people can’t see it. If you give away your juice, you can’t use it and if you give away yourself, you find yourself lacking. If you saw women do this as you grew up, you might’ve thought it was normal. There are other reasons that women do this and we will be looking at those.

Now here’s a really important part: many of us don’t really know how to work with this power. Some women learn to own it and use it wisely. Many women learn to do this partially... but still, we give away quite a bit of it. Many women don’t learn what this power is or how to own it or use it and some women learn to use it to manipulate or compete verses too create. As you can see, the whole thing can get a bit messy and today we want to clarify much about this power and begin to re-claim it for ourselves!

Among several reasons that we give it away; often, we don’t realize that men don’t have it too. We haven’t really learned what this feminine power is, so we don’t necessarily own it. We think that what we have, is something that all people have. If others don’t seem to be displaying it, we may share it generously as a reminder...Hey! You can do this too! Another reason we do this is because we want to be validated, loved and have our needs met… So we give our power....The problem with that, is then we don’t have it and so the respect begins to disappear. Holding that power, allows us to be loved, honored and respected. Yet one more reason, is that we may be lacking In self-esteem and we try to build ourselves up by building others up.....But we’re giving away ourselves to do it, so in essence we take ourselves down! Yikes! OK, well don’t worry too much! We are going to address this, and more in this workshop

Here is an interesting truth: core feminine power, in a male body is like a drug. It doesn’t really belong in his energy system and there are many possible side effects. It can certainly cause him euphoria and can be quite addictive. It can also cause him to be very imbalanced, anxious or even crazy. It can cause him to be uncentered, disillusioned and unable to see a woman clearly... among a few of the things. Looking at it like this, it’s clearly not safe for him, for us to be giving him this energy.... that doesn’t necessarily stop him from wanting it… If he’s become addicted to it, well.....

A female body without this core feminine power often feels depleted, lacking in energy, or motivation, or courage, or willpower, or self-esteem, or joy, or total well-being, or fulfillment....OK, you get the point.

You can see that we need to have our core feminine power in us and a man needs his own vibration to have his core masculine energy!

In this workshop, We are going to look at these fundamentals and begin to find ourselves within the process of reclaiming our essence and our power. We are going to increase our awareness of these dynamics and find some humor and self-love within all of it! Some fabulous goddess beings are going to come in and help us sort ourselves out & provide us with tremendous healing’s.

We will be taking a journey in our own inner world and doing some fabulous work to take back what we have given away and to become more whole and joyous and beautiful within ourselves!

The result begins to be much greater clarity in communication throughout the entire spectrum of our lives with Mann and with other women. We’re going to take a wonderful step.....don’t miss it!

Cost: $35 Donation ( $30 if you do the womens workshop monthly)

PayPal is or call or email us & we can get your payment data

Prerequisites: None, open to all women.

To register for this workshop: 


You can email or call magic Isle at 

808 323-9699






Female Fulfillment & the 4 Mother Energies

How to Orchestrate Freedom in Your Female Universe


Thursday, March 14th, 2019

4pm Hawaii - 7pm pacific - 10pm Eastern


For Clairvoyant Training Program Students & Graduates


One of the great wonders of the world is the four feminine mother energies.


 These are ancient shamanic teachings, that have been passed down for thousands of years among women. 

These teachings are powerful & effective. 

Good News: you can use them every single day!


These teachings will help you understand and have compassion for yourself, as well as understand and have compassion for all other women; especially women who are the opposite mother energy of you.

When we understand ourselves and others, the universe makes more sense and 

We actually have more energy, prosperity and joy in our lives.


If you can master your own mother energy & find your balance with your own dark mother, 

then you will experience tremendous freedom, as well as much joy in who you are.


There are two main mother energies and each of these mother energies has a Dark-side. 

In order to live in a fulfilled state, prosperity love & balance; we have to understand both sides of the polarity and how to come back to a fluid state when we get stuck in our own dark mother energy.


The two main energies are The Great Nurturing Mother & The great Rainbow Mother.

They are both fantastic.


Essentially we are all going to be a little bit more the great rainbow mother or the great nurturing mother. 

The dark sides are Death Mother and Crazy Woman. (hahaha) 

You have to learn how to work with these dark mothers or they can devour you.

That may sound scary yet it is a common occurrence happening every day!

Time to get our power back from the dark mothers!


 There are so many symptoms of being devoured, I don’t even want to start!

However, so you understand, a few are:


Anxiety, fear, overwhelm, chaos, despair, rage, depression, control issues & worry. 

All kinds of illness and suffering result from the imbalances in our own dark mother essence.


  • In this workshop you will learn about these four mother energies and how to identify what type of mother energy you hold within yourself.


  • You will learn about the light mothers and dark mothers and what it means when you are losing your balance.


  • You will learn how to identify when you have been devoured by the dark mother and how to come back to a light mother energy state.


  • You are going to feel like a magician and learn how to change your energy much more swiftly & easily!


  • You will begin to learn how to find some neutrality, acceptance and even some humor, in relationship to the opposite mother energy! Many of the conflicts that women have with each other (and ourselves)  is because of the differences in our mother energy, as well as our ability to live in balance with our dark mothers or not.


  • You will also see how the dark mothers may effect the opposite sex and learn how to have better male female communication as a result of these teachings.


  • You will begin to learn how to clear the energies of getting stuck in the symptoms of out of balance mother energies.



This class is for Clairvoyant students and above because we are going to ground, run earth & cosmic energy & blow our pictures! We will also do a bit of reading; so you will need to be in that part of your training. If you have not begun the clairvoyant training, start in a clairvoyance 101 class!


If you can’t attend live (we hope you can)! You will receive the download. We are happy to do our best to get you a partner for the energy work if you like. If not, you can do the work on a chakra aura person for you.


This workshop /class is Thursday, March 14th, 2019

4pm Hawaii - 7pm pacific - 10pm Eastern


This class is open to all women in the clairvoyant training program or graduated from it.



Rev. Lisa French

Lisa has been actively teaching women’s classes for 25 years.

She has been involved with & presenting shamanic energy teachings blended into clairvoyance for 

Over 20 years. This teaching has been so life changing for so many women, as well as being so ancient and powerful, that she wants to bring it to you, so you can have this tool, this magic, this medicine every day.


Class Room: 

This call will be in our female fulfillment classroom in the Global Auditorium

Once you register, you will be included in the dream time teachings and it will begin to filter in as we learn and grow together in the dream time and then here on earth,


Registration & Cost:

$45 for student in Magic Isle & Clairvoyant center of Hawaii Programs

$50 for all others

This includes the complete class and download you use for future reference.





Female energy and Riding the tiger

Discovering vulnerability as power


March 19th, 2019 

 A Global Tele Seminar  

3pm HST - 5pm PST - 8pm EST


With Lisa French 

Executive Director of The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii & Magic Isle


Riding a tiger is a symbol of overcoming obstacles and fears as we reclaim our power, our life force, our personal medicine and our potential.


As women we have very different powers available to us. Many of us have been taught that power is more of a masculine vibration and yet there are very distinct forms of power that use women need to learn to understand for her self in order to be for filled in her life’s journey.


Vulnerability is generally thought of as a weakness, an Achilles and a problem.

So many of us have been taught that this is something that we want to avoid. And yet not learning the magical side of this can make us hard or even hurts or bitter or confused or sad or drained or exhausted. Vulnerability can be kind of a juicy state of the feminine and that is very exciting.


What if it was the opportunity to be exposed to new possibilities? 

What if vulnerability allowed us to be humble and to grow and learn & be open? 

What if vulnerability actually protected us from being hurt and damaged and attacked?

What is Vulnerability was a resource of tremendous power?

What is Vulnerability ability allowed us to open our hearts and souls to the divine and to receiving our hearts desire.


We will be learning about a state of vulnerability that actually protects us from giving our power away or having anyone hurt us or take from us or damage us.


The conundrum of riding a tiger as hey vulnerable state of power in being this is something that we will study and learn together during this workshop


Having strong and possibly tense Emotions causes us to feel vulnerable; And yet this vulnerability like the tiger brings us to a state of tremendous power, brilliance, and strength. This is a feminine strength and it’s soft year and receptive and very very very potent.


Come join us as we together we ride the tiger into the heart of our own soft radiance; a radiance that protects us from all harm.


Prerequisites: None-Open to all women.

Cost: $35 Donation

$30 if you attend monthly








Female Energy and your Inner Muse:

How to Connect with Her for Your Life's Work, Inspiration & Joy


Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

5pm Pacific


The word amusement is a wonderful word that brings us a sense of joy & flow. 
It makes us feel happy and inspired. Inside of this word is a muse.


The muse is a source of inspiration. The good news is each of us has an inner muse. 
She lives within us and helps us to be whole, inspired, healthy, wealthy and full of delightful energy.


The inner muse helps us to find, that which really brings us radiant pleasure and allows us to raise our vibration out of the mundane, or dull, or blocked, or stuck, or unmotivated, or anxious, or worried… I think you get the idea. We need her!


Most of us have not been trained in how to connect with her, trust her, nourish her and have a life in which she brings us inspiration and joy on a regular basis.


One of the things we tend to do, is shut her down so that we can do whatever is responsible, take care of others, manage things, get things done, etc. 
When we shut her down, part of the gateway of joy is closed. 
When we heal her and liberate her, when we allow her to live freely within us; she opens the gates of joy so that we can live in 
Radiant light and be nourished by it from the moment we wake up in the morning, until the moment we go to sleep at night. 
When things get challenging, that light takes care of us, so it’s easier to get through the dark times; as well, 
it is more exciting during the light times. 
Our muse is instrumental in having a great life.


To become free and joyous, we women need to connect with the muse within us! 
In this workshop we will heal her, clear away the blocks that may be keeping her lost or stuck or unable to express or inspire. 
We will open up the pathways and give her space to live within us. 
We will have a wonderful adventure in which we meet her and find out how we can nourish her and discover more about her, 
so that we can connect with her regularly, to have a filling and amazing lives on this fabulous planet.


We will go on a journey in which we meet our muse and converse with her about our lives, our direction & our work.
We can't wait!


Please join us to feed, awaken, heal and nourish the muse inside of you!
This will be a truly inspiring event and we will all feel so refreshed by the radiance and the blessing of the muse inside of us!






Female Energy and Twilight & Dawn:

How to use these Portals to Open your Soul


Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

5pm Pacific


We all know that dawn and twilight are very special and magical times. 
Some people are more twilight people & some people are more dawn or morning people. 
The great thing is you can pick one and try (at least once a week) to give yourself some time and space to work with this portal.


What is this a portal to? 
Earth is created as a place in which all things work in polarity. 
It’s one of the places that we can be liberated but it’s also one of the places where we can get very, very stuck.
It’s easy to get stuck on earth, between good and bad, between success and failure, between happy and unhappy, etc. 
There are so many places where there seems to be no space between the polarities & we either have to be perfect or we are not enough. 


The portals of dawn & twilight allow us to move into the space that sits between the opposites. 
Now here is some important news: The space between is where the mystery is. It’s where the most potent healing energy lives.
It’s one of the most important places for each of us to find balance and true movement of the soul. 


These portals allow us to realize that there is a vast amount of space for us to live in. 
We need not be compressed, afraid or lost!
There’s a huge universe between success and failure, between good and bad, between happy and unhappy and all of the polarities. 


To fulfill ourselves, to have great lives & heal the feminine in us, we have to have enough space. 
If we are smashed between the polarities, we never will have enough space. 


The gateways of dawn and twilight are huge gifts of allowing you enough space, so that you have rich & radiant

experiences, versus limiting & depleting experiences.

In this workshop, will be releasing the energies and limits that keep us stuck in the polarity. 


We will be learning magnificent ways to create a lot more space for ourselves. 

We will learn how to access these gateways. 
We will learn what to do at dawn or twilight to be fed and nourished.
We will learn what to do so that are opened & healed, so that we don’t have to be stuck in polarity.
The goals is for you to dance in the center of it all & find true freedom, love, abundance and all those things that you very much deserves.


Come join us as we walk through the mystery and into a blended light full of rich color that heals our bodies, 
minds, emotions, hearts, souls and female essence.






Female Energy and Dragonflies:

How to Live & Love Effortlessly

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

5pm Pacific


Dragonflies are so inspiring. They are teachers of light. 
They are teachers of transformation and love.


Love is simple. Love can be so easy. Why does it become so complicated? 
Why does it become so difficult or overwhelming? 
When does love become a question and not an answer? 


For many people love is a four-letter word and they use it to get what they want and it has nothing to do with the real vibration. 
We will be pioneering deeply into the real essence of love and what does it really mean? 
Where does it come from? What happens to women when this love is flowing through them sweetly?
What happens to women when it’s not? We will clear away the energy of deception around this and what we may have been taught that love is & really isn’t. 


The truth is we all were designed to live in the energy of love every day. 
There is however a huge constriction that so much of our culture is creating and accepting. 
It’s incredibly sad and we are deeply conditioned by it.


During this workshop we’re going to clear a tremendous amount of this conditioning.
We’re going to get healings & release a lot of this constriction, which is all full of anxiety, fear and the inability to really listen to the feminine inside of us.


The dragonfly will guide us & light our way. She wants to teach us ecstasy. 
She wants to teach us a way to unwind the pain, the invalidation, the hurts & the lies. 
She wants to help us unravel the past experiences and conditioning that we hold within us; 
the ones tie us up and keep us from a greater love that could flow through every cell in our bodies.
A greater love that can bring us to a state of cherishing ourselves and every moment… 
What if we had a new conditioning that allowed us to really live in love?


Clearly, life is a process and love is a teacher. 
We are here to remember love, to awaken greater love, to be discerning about what love is and what love isn’t. 
We are here to remember that we were made in the essence of love and that all we have to do is remember ourselves; as we do, we will blossom in our every breath. 
OK that sounds easy enough! Nevertheless, but we know it isn’t. So join us for tremendous healing’s. 


Some fabulous goddesses are going to come & help us wash away the constructions and the limits. 
The dragonfly will bring her life and her gift of transformation to help us remember the original essence of our birth as spirit and as women. 
Pure radiant love.... So full that it asks for nothing except to be and to grow.








Female Energy & the Great Mystery; 
How to be Successful & Fulfilled by Living in it & Integrating It


Wednesday, TBA

5pm Pacific


As women, we have each been conditioned and trained in a masculine society. 
This society teaches us to know the answer, to want the answer. 
It teaches us in a series of equations that all have absolutes. 
It teaches us into corners, into straight lines and out of circles and wavy lines and spirals.
It can teach us not dead ends, lack, anxieties and confusion.


The great mystery is contained in circles and spirals and all kinds of wild abstract shapes and vibrations. 
They make no sense to the left brain which is masculine and rational and which is managing so much of our culture. 


The mystery is born in the right brain in which things are abstract and open. 
This place is an untamed wilderness that should never be tamed but allowed to grow wild. 
This place is an opening in every star system. 
This place is called the mystery and every woman must hold the mystery within her.


When a woman holds the mystery within her, then she can succeed at anything. 
She can create and accomplish. She can give birth, manage and manifest. 
She can be happy and inspired and full of wonder and truth. 


If a woman doesn’t hold the mystery within her, it is very likely that she will find herself anxious, overthinking, worried, afraid, fearful or angry. 
She may find herself frustrated, feeling lost, possibly lonely or isolated even amongst people, family or relationship. 
She may find herself with mysterious illnesses or hurts or concerns. 
She may find herself trying to figure out the problem all the time, instead of taking delight in each small moment.


Together we will find the mystery and re-integrate it into our female bodies, our female psyches, our female hearts. 
We will live it in the world. We will re-claim the right brain & the abstract ability to simply allow the mystery to be. 
When we do this, we begin to hold a mystique, a charisma, a power, and abundance, a tremendous magnetic potency 
that is attractive to all things that we wish to have and to be. It earns us the respect of other people. 
It earns us the respect of men, children, families, friends, coworkers and the world at large.


Come join us as we re-integrate the mystery and learn to be comfortable with the abstract and the feminine which nourishes us and heal us. 
We can’t wait come on in!








Female Energy and the Phoenix; 
How to Have True Transformation & Healing in the Rebirth of Your Feminine


Wednesday, TBA

5pm Pacific


Many of us are familiar with the teachings for the medicine of the Phoenix. 
The Phoenix is a transformational character that has a potent place in the psyche of women. 
We are able to make an empowering change or a transformation where we may experience something almost like a death. 
That may sound uncomfortable and yet it’s actually very positive because it allows us to move to our next level.


Consider that we are cyclical like the moon. 
There are times in the Feminine where the energy drops away and sometimes it feels like the world is dropping out from under us.
It seems that everything is falling apart and we just want to collapse. 
This is the inner cycle of our own Phoenix nature wanting to burst into flames and burn away old hurts, old pain, old misery, etc. 
When we allow it, we burn away the darkness, what’s left is the pure egg of our own feminine existence. 
We give it just a little time and then it bursts into light and we are reborn. 
When the Phoenix is reborn it’s a flight of glory. 
When the Phoenix is reborn there is a music that is so fantastical & mysterious & wonderful that it changes the face of the world & we change with it.


To be in the phase of the Phoenix's rebirth, is so glorious that there is a tendency in women for it to become addictive. 


To have the whole process, which is necessary, you really have to understand it. 
If you get stuck on the rebirth & the flying into the light part; if that’s all you want, you will be stuck in constantly trying to reenact that phase. 
You will be afraid to let go, and to burn up and to flow with rhythm, into the ashes. 
You won’t let yourself do it and if you don’t let yourself do it then you can’t truly be reborn as the Phoenix.
Life becomes a parody, there is a hollowness that steals our joy and our light.
We must learn about & embrace the whole process!


Understanding the phoenix nature in our feminine body is essential to the spiral nature of the feminine cycle.
It is a teaching of the way evolution works in our bodies. Without letting ourselves have it, we can never truly be fulfilled.
It is a notion of the masculine universe that we should attain the glorious Phoenix flight and then just stay in that vibration constantly.
That’s not possible; that’s not cyclical, that’s not woman. 


It’s too bad our grandmothers & great-grandmothers weren’t able to teach us that it’s OK to burn away the old darkness within us so we can rest in the ashes and to be reborn. This cycle is an essential part of the feminine process and every woman who hasn’t embraced it, is losing a part of her self by trying to maintain her self at a steady vibration. Doing this is fruitless in a body & a psyche that is designed to experience ongoing transformation.


Come join us for one of the most liberating female workshops of your lives. 
Come rediscover & embrace the essence of the feminine and in you.







Female Energy & Leaping Chasms, Awakening Trust: 
How to find the Jewel in the Paradox


Wednesday, TBA

5pm Pacific



OK, you know the idea of taking that leap across the Chasm & then trusting that you will grow wings and that the universe will help carry you across? 
We are going to strengthen our ability to simply trust, to simply leap & easily succeed.


According to the rational or masculine or left brain universe this is not possible. 
According to the creative, the feminine, the right brain universe, this is a normal and important procedure.


There is a paradox between getting your facts and your information straight from the left brain so that you succeed you in earthly reality and leaping a chosen with your right brain so that you give yourself a space to succeed in. You need them both. 
What happens is, the feminine viewpoint within us and the masculine viewpoint within us begin to struggle or compete with each other on which one is right. 
The truth is that they are both right and they are both necessary.
In the center of that, is what we may call the jewel in the paradox.


In this workshop we will learn how to access the jewel. 
We will realize there is a jewel and it is exciting and rich and fabulous!
We will learn how to open our eyes and be more aware in daily life, so that we can leap chasm’s and know that the universe is helping us grow wings...


We will move into the center and seize the jewel.
We will find that place within in which we can get out of competition between the two viewpoints (of the right and left brains) and trust both of them.
We find clarity in knowing we need both of them, that both of them are important and essential.


Come join us as we discover how to get the jewel in the paradox and have some healing is from some very powerful goddesses who have gone before us and know the way. Isn’t it great that there are wise beings have gone on the path for us and know how to help us get home to true freedom, happiness and success. Come join us as leap across the chasm and truly discover the jewel!








Female Energy and the Big Shadow; 
How to Access & Heal the Deepest Places in our Hearts, our Bodies & our Souls


Wednesday, TBA

5pm Pacific



It is important to begin to understand that everybody has a dark side and a light side and that we have to really love them both. 
In a society with much religious indoctrination, we’ve been trained to love things that we do correctly and criticize and not love what we do incorrectly. 
That’s bogus of course and as you know, it doesn’t work. In this workshop we’re going to embrace the whole picture, the light and the dark of it. 
This is one of the only ways we can be truly free and happy is to love all.


There is deep under, a big shadow. Shadows are organic as we see when we stand in the sun.
To truly have the light, you have to discover the haling essence of the shadow.
We have to embrace and glorify in the shadows rather then me afraid of them.


Often our richest healing, transformation, wisdom and creativity comes flowing into us though the accessing of these shadow lands.
There is a synchronicity in discovering our own hearts and understanding the heart of great spirit.
The divine wants you to have your hearts desire and to heal and fill your heart with love and light.


In the land of darkness, is where great jewels live.
You will have the opportunity to reclaim some of your own most potent and radiant healing jewels.

Come join us as some powerful goddesses come and provide healings for us all.


Come and find the healing darkness that nourishes you.
Come & create more space to truly love your self!


Change the story.








Female Energy & Answers & Questions; 
How to use your Female Anatomy to Help you Find the Truth


Wednesday, TBA

5pm Pacific


Our female bodies are brilliant. When you ask a question, your female body will have the answer within it.
The truth is always in your body.
The question then is how to access that?


In this workshop you will learn a five-step technique that is simple and you can use it any day of the week to find out what is really going on.
We will discover how to read the energies of expansion and contraction within us.
We will learn how to use our female creative energy to produce answers vs to amplify our confusion.


We will explore questions and the magical, musical quest that unfolds in each of us as we ask questions.
Many women have learned to fear questions as we are afraid we will not like the answers.
Or perhaps we are afraid we can't get the answers, so we shouldn't dare to ask?
Or perhaps we have been encouraged to wait and see vs to ask?
Perhaps the asking has become all in our heads & we have forgotten how to use the whole body to achieve the answer?
Perhaps we have been encouraged to ask our questions out into the world vs in, into our interior universe?


Prior to this workshop if you should be so inclined, write down at least 10 questions every morning.
Just be random and playful and ask anything!
Then before the workshop pick three that seem most essential to you at this time.
This will help, however, if you are not inclined or too busy, not to worry!


Questions are like water or love; the more you allow them to move, the greater your potential to enjoy them and to thrive.
Our health, our hearts and our feminine souls well being relies on our learning how to have asking questions.
Come join us as we receive answers, inspiration and awaken some portent awareness!
We are going to have some powerful healings, come and join us!

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