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The Deprogramming Series for Global Graduates Presents:
“Have you Diminished your Light; 
Thereby Lowering Your Ability to Have & to Create?
Lets Bring your Light back for this New Year!”

Thursday, January 18, 2017

4pm Hawaii - 6pm Pacific - 9pm Eastern

(also available to be ordered)


It’s 2018, a whole new healing is available for each of us! 


How many times in our lives have we diminished our light so we would not get invalidated, punished, or in some way hurt?

It’s very unconscious for most of us & generally starts as a child. You can only imagine how much it has been toned down! 

The sad thing, is that we forget what we've done and generally we begin to believe the diminished state is who we are.


Where does this light go when we reduce it?

- Some times we give it away

- Most often we suppress it in into our shadows.

- Sometimes we relegate it to the dream time or some dream place where we can be bright


What happens to us when We Diminish our Light?:


- We believe we are less then we are and our self esteem suffers

- It is hard to gain full awareness, as we are missing much of the light we need to do so

- Our havingness suffers a lot. Less light = Less havingness

- We lose sight of big parts of our truth....We see parts illuminated but the rest is darkened.

- It is hard to truly know ourselves because part of that light is us and it’s missing!

- Answers are missing as they are in the light and we are separated from them....Elusive just out of reach....


Let’s change this, reclaim our light & clear away the darkness we have let in nor encouraged in its absence.

Lets raise our havingness, get our answers, raise our self esteem and more!



Come join us for deep healing and a huge raising of our vibrations!

We are here on Earth for awakening& freedom; let’s create the space to do so!





Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick style Clairvoyant Training Program with Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.




It is recommended that you try to get here live if at all possible so you can do partner work.

If you cant make it and wish a partner, ask us and we will do our best to find you one.

If you prefer to do the work on yourself, thats fine too!



Donation: $50 for each part or $45 for each part for students in Magic Isle or CCH programs.

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:



Live Global Tele-Seminars:


Thursday, January 18th, 2018 - 5pm HST - 7pm PDT - 10pm Eastern



If you can't make the call, do not worry! The download will automatically wing its way to you!


Teacher: Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)


Register now!






Female Energy & Drawing from the Well;

Nourishing our Dreams with the Waters of Healing in 2018”


January 17, 2018 - 5 pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


Here we are moving into a brand new year with all the possibilities of the colors of the rainbow.

As we move into this year, let’s draw from the healing waters and nourish our dreams. We will learn to work with the inner well that all women have. This is well that never runs dry & its connected to the divine feminine..


Every woman has access to the well and if you go deep enough into the well, you will reach the stars, its all connected. 


So often we nurture that which is outside of us, which we can...but let’s set ourselves up to nurture daily, that which is within us.


We will each discover how to access these great inner wells &  how to use them day or night.

The magic fluid in this well is the elixir of life and heals all things.

We will each have the opportunity to heal many aspects of ourselves in this marvelous water.


Lets wake up our dreams for 2018.

We will allow starlight to dance in them, 

We will nourish them with the amazing healing waters.

We will raise the vibration in them so they bring us joy in the year to come.









The Deprogramming Series for Global Graduates Presents:

“Deprograming lack out Your Life’s Dreams &

 Taking Back Your Power to Achieve Them!”


Part 1: Thursday, February 15, 2018

5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


Part 2: Thursday, March 15, 2018

4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


It’s 2018, a whole new healing is available for each of us! 

We all have many dreams. Let’s color them with the truth of our essence.

Sometimes they get knocked aside and we don’t remember or know them....

We will be creating more space know, have and live them!

Some dreams we are born having, as we bring them with us.
These often get pretty filled up with foreign energy & other people’s ideas about them and weather they will work or not, etc.

Sometimes we believe lies or limits along the way....Let's change the energy here!
We will be exploring some of these dreams and creating healing for them.

Other dreams are those we have developed in this life.

Are we at 100% with them? Do we need to clear some energy out, heal them, bring them into present time?
Let’s reclaim these dreams and the energy we need to achieve them!

Somewhere did we attach ourselves to a negative dream or a dream of lack or pain when we got stuck at some point in life's journey?

We will be looking to find those and take our energy back from them, as well as, letting them go.

Are we carrying other peoples dreams within us & giving them energy and power vs. our own?
Somehow, did someone else’s dreams get overlaid on top of ours?


Have others had the same dream for us that we have for ourselves? ....But in some way did our dreams get altered or limited by their vision or vibration? Even if they believe in us 100%.... If their vibration gets laid on top of ours, it alters it and alters our ability to get where we are going.

Is there enough space to create new dreams?
Is this space filled with unlimited possibilities? 
Is it big enough?
 Is there enough freedom in it?
Is it set at your vibration?

Come join us for deep healing and a huge raising of our vibrations as we clean out and wake up dreams!
We are here on Earth for awakening & freedom; let’s create the space to do so!


Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick style Clairvoyant Training Program with Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.

It is recommended that you try to get here live if at all possible so you can do partner work.
If you can’t make it, we totally understand. If you wish a partner, please ask us and we will do our very best to find you one. If you prefer to do the work on yourself, thats fine too!


Live Global Tele-Seminars:

Part 1: Thursday, February 15th, 2018     - 5pm HST - 7pm PDT - 10pm Eastern

Part 2: Thursday, March 15, 2018     - 4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern

 Part one ok, without Part 2, Part 2 needs part 1.
If you can't make the call, do not worry! The download will automatically wing its way to you!
Teacher: Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)




Female Energy and the Polarity of Male Energy; 

Finding Appreciation and Understanding of the Dichotomy- in You and in those around You”


February 23, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


Everywhere in our world we see the polarity of masculine and feminine. You’re in a female body and many spirits in your life are in a male body. Within you, you have male & female energy. Exploring these two energies opens a gateway to some of the greatest mysteries, answers and truth that we can possibly find in this dimension. For Our entire lives we will be exploring the wonderful polarity... let’s create more space to Embrace it.


Let’s get rid of any resistance, frustration and confusion or unhappiness in relationship to this. Each of our goal will be to embrace a fuller spectrum in the polarity of Male and female energy; To be able to truly appreciate the polarity and heal ourselves with it.


We will work with both of these energies within us and will work on appreciating the people who carry either primarily female or primarily male energy in this lifetime. Sometimes one or two people can cause us to stop appreciating a part of this whole Male and female universe. We want to clear this so that we can have the whole spectrum! If we want to truly live our dreams in 2018, then we need to embrace more and more of the full spectrum so that we can have it all.


We will each receive a key to the gate way that sits between masculine and feminine. We will go through the gate way and see what wonders we can discover & explore. Perhaps we’ll find a stair way to heaven! 


Come join us and open up the wonders in you.








“Female Energy And the year of the DOG; Intelligent, Brave, Connected 

Dog - god - dog - god........ok!”


March 21, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


In February we entered the year of the dog… Not just any dog (!) but the earth dog. When you are loyal and trusting of the earth the earth is loyal and trusting of you and gives back to you. This increases your ability to be abundant and to live a joyous and balanced life.


The year of the dog will teach each of us about really finding true home within; showing us ways in finding true magnetic north inside us. This is about being more Centered, Clear and Abbie to Remember who we really are and what our purpose is in this lifetime!


The dog knows her purpose and she knows her way in the world. Come & explore the dog medicine in you… Join into a deep and potent meditation in which you will run wild in the glorious inner landscape of your soul. Discover some tools That will cause you to feel safe... that will help you throughout the whole year in becoming stronger, wiser, more connected to your Divinity. Let’s  work with the dog to discover a place where we can each truly understand, have and process the communication from the God of our own hearts!


Come join us for incredible adventure in loyalty, strength and deep joyous connection.









“Female Energy and Eggs; Allowing Ourselves to Crack into Ecstasy”


April 18, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


Eggs are the richest of symbols, aren’t they? We have eggs with us. They are there physically in a certain part of our lives and for entire life we have the vibration of the egg and the creatIve potential of the egg within us. We can use our eggs and this energy to create, make babies, grow. Families, communities, worlds within and all around us. There is an unlimited potential here in every part of our life though it changes depending on what phase of our life we are in.


Let’s explore the different facets of the egg and which inner egg is really the egg of our own Enlightenment. Each of us carries a golden, luminous egg that is the potential for our light, glory and ability to develop with tremendous grace.


This egg within us has the potential for ecstasy. Do you have permission to grow into that ecstasy? What might prevent you from that? There are many things. Many of them might have to do with responsibility, the past or the future, some sense of ethics for the right thing… But all the different things that hold us back from ecstasy are ways that we hold ourselves back from the feeling we all have been gifted with this body. Every single female body holds the golden Luminous egg potential! Let’s discover that! Let’s make it ours and understand how we can recognize it, how we are able to grow into it. 


Is it safe for the inner egg to crack into ecstasy? And not just once but over and over and over and over creating a lifetime of pure wonder and magic? Let’s release what holds us back .... because we’ve always held this within us. Often we are just giving it away and away and away and away. But within us as women is the key to the ecstasy of the entire world. Could we make some decisions that have nothing to do with fear, or conflict, or pain? Could we as women take our world into an upswing where we understand that we truly are part of an inter-related whole. Where we truly know that if we find ecstasy, we’re creating more space for more people everywhere to have that and to live that. It’s not something one person hordes her hides or keeps secret. In the beginning it has to start as a quiet place within where the ecstasy blooms for you until the egg fills you all the way to the edge of your aura! When it does that then you are illuminated with Ecstatic potentiality and nobody can ever take it away from you...At this point you not ever will give it away either! And you’re having of it you create more and more space and every moment for others to have it too.


Let’s each of us come together and open this journey up, so that we can continue and continue and continue discovering an illumination that will feed us every single day of the rest of our lives. Welcome to the wealth of 2018... let’s have it!





The Teachings of the Unicorn:

A Discovery in Shamanic Wisdom & Healing


Part 1: Available for download

Part 2: Wednesday, April 25th, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern


The unicorn is one of the most wonderful of all healing creatures.


During this workshop we will each take an inner journey and receive our own unicorn.

Yes,! A unicorn who will be willing to work with you


We will go to the place where they await you and you will learn what they need and what they have to offer. 

Unicorns are very sensitive and we will each learn how to work within the vibration of purity that they live in.


Why have a Unicorn?


  • They are able to Provide you with Tremendous Healing.

  • They help you to raise your vibration & so achieve more of what you want as you can more easily attract it.

  • He or she becomes a guide to the inner worlds as well as the lower world; they can take you places you can’t access without them. 

  • They hold the key codes to many sacred places, of healing, awakening & discovery; they can take you there.

  • Unicorns help us find our innocence, our purity and thus they help us heal our hearts.

  • Many of us are walking around with wounded or partially broken hearts. 

  • The unicorn is a heart healer;

  • Contained in their horns is the medicine that can bring each of us to a state of unity & wholeness.


They help us find tremendous waves of grace! 

They can lead us into dimensional shifts where all the grace that is or was or ever will be are right there and ready to feed us with light, love and well-being.

 It may look like the Northern lights and feed our souls and our bodies deeply.


Unicorns can lead us to the wells of peace. 

These places free us of anxieties  fears, worries  pain and so much more. 

We are able to step out of the world of self indulgence and discover a bigger place.


Unicorns are healers and teachers of clairvoyance or clear seeing with the third eye.

Their horns are filled with a power & a light that opens the 6th chakra and allows us to see better 

and better and better; astounding clarity can come of working with the unicorn.


They are offering a lot! What must we give in exchange?


We must choose to be pure in our intent and honor their trust.


They will go away if we are mean or play power games, are unkind or withhold communication; so they are a barometer. We won’t be able to find them if we become our dark side. This helps us know that we have lost ourselves and gives us incentive to come back to center, where we can walk once again, the trails of the inner world with our unicorns.


We will each learn how to honor, protect and cherish the gift of the unicorn which is an honor of the highest water. That fact that they are choosing to come forth at this time, tells us that we very much need them and that we are ready to take this leap...that they are ready to trust us again. Lets be kind, gentle and loving with them and they will guide us through life's storms and bring us to the heart of it all.







We will discover how to move with the inner river and receive great healing.

Come join us to heal and open your heart to an enchanting land that can support you each day on this earth.




The willingness to heal your heart & honor a unicorn.



Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years. Lisa also has a degree in shamanic arts and has been active in that field for the last 20 years.


To Register:


Donation: $45  for each part

For students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs $40

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:

Or CCH at: 


Magic Isle:   -   808 323-9699


The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii -   808 322-7673




The Deprogramming Series for Global Graduates Presents:

The Right & Left Hemispheres of Your Brain: 

Healing the Bridge so as to Restore a Healthy Fluid State of Communication


Thursday, April 26th

4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


There is a huge amount of conflict in most people between the two sides.

This sabotages wholeness, Creating with clarity and being able to truly operate from an inner unity. 


We see this role modeled in people around us and we see it exemplified by people all over. 

It becomes almost sort trendy to be either a right or a left brain person - Result: ... competition & pain build up between the two sides.

 All of this makes it harder and harder to create and live in a unified state, as the schism is in our own brain!


Right side: intuitive, creative, holographic, imaginative, artistic, playful....

Left side: analytical, literal, practical, numerical,


To function in a healthy way and create full balanced lives, we must be able to operate with both sides. 

To be able to get out of competition and be great creators and also function I the world: 

We must be able to flow easily between these spheres in our brains.


Some possible symptoms:

  • Can’t see clairvoyantly very well

  • Can’t stop thinking

  • Confusion

  • Isolation

  • Struggling 

  • Problems with sleep

  • Dietary problems

  • Getting stuck on one side or the other of brain...having trouble transitioning 


This will be a healing class. You will do most of the work with a partner. 

If you are unable to call in .... You can either do the work on yourself or ask us to assign you a partner. 


We are going to move out some potent wedges and create a lot more space and freedom....With the goal being to create in unity vs. polarized competition.




We will look at a variety of different types of energies and programs diving our brain and practice some various techniques to clear them.

These things will range from atheism, to intellectual, to male or female, trance medium, family...lots of fun topics.


We are here on Earth for awakening & freedom; let’s create the space to do so!






Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program 

With Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.



Live Global Tele-Seminar:


Thursday, April 26, 2018     - 4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


There is a strong potentiality this class will require a part two as this is a huge topic.

This is a clear hello that it is doubtful we will get through it all in one session! LOL





Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)





$50 for each part or $45 for each part for students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs.

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:


Contact Magic Isle:   -   808 323-9699


The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii   -   808 322-7673








“Female Energy and Elephants; Knowing Who You really Are & Remembering the Bigger Picture”


May 9, 2013 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


Elephants hold the deepest and the biggest hearts of all the land animals. There is tremendous wisdom & love within the animal species but elephants hold a special strength, power and vulnerability that is one of the most powerful teachings on this planet. Elephants inspire something in us that is unexplainable and glorious and truly truly radiant.


The ancient women say that vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths. Do we truly know this? Let’s allow the elephants to give us healings and teach us.


We will work with ancient elephant souls to move into a deep stream of remembering. Within this remembering is not only a bigger part of who we really are and how connected we really are… But also we remember how to be a community in ourselves and in the world. We begin to grow more and more into the wealth of our own culture and truly realize The wonder of that and be able to care in new ways for the precious thing that it is.


Elephants are sacred beings and they want to heal us and share their wisdom; they’re very, very excited for each woman who joins this workshop. There’s an elephant for each of us who will move with us spiritually on our life path and help us understand the deep love. This elephant will help you to understand how to move into the place of your heart where the love is so deep you can bathe in it. It regenerate every aspect of you. This is a resplendent, amazing love that nourishes the deepest aspects of ourselves and our bathes our inner and outer worlds with radiance.


Join us and find the elephant who will work with you. Find the elephant that is reflective of your own wisdom, strength, patience, compassion and such an endless, rich love. The deep deep love of the  elephant. Come and be cleansed and know that this love connects you with the stars and the earth I’m going to a form of wealth beyond your ultimate dreams. Come and dance withIn, with the elephants! 







“Female Energy and the Mystic River; Dancing Between the Worlds in Every Day Life”


June 13, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


Water is fluid and it allows us to move in a very feminine way. The river is magnetic and it attracts everything that it needs in its journey back to the source. The river liberates us and shows us a journey into surrender and relaxation that is cleansing and so freeing.


If you travel through the stars you’ll learn that it’s rivers of light that allow us to move through the greatest portals and to dance between the worlds. Each river here on this earth is a reflection of the teaching of the stars. In this workshop we Will travel the rivers and will understand more of how to travel the stars.


What if each day you could put your feet in the river energetically and let go of what no longer serves you and yet be able to attract every single thing that you need to be abundant in your development of self and the glory of your life? What if in been boring, depressing and miserable times you could let the river be washing the heaviness away and know that it’s bringing to you unlimited grace and every possible thing that could ever need to nourish you and yours in the world around you.


This year is a river, this life is a river. There are islands in the river, there are gateways in the river, there is life to be lived in the journey of the river and as women it’s holds the greatest secrets of strength and surrender. The river teaches us how to trust ourselves, our divinity, and the creation that perhaps we asked for before we were even born! The river takes us out of blame, The river moves us past shame, the river helps us understand and have forgiveness for ourselves and others. The river renews our magnetic energy fields and reminds us of how to get home and how to live at home in this river every day that we live on this earth. As well, the river will also teach us how to transcend with her and how to move into the next world.


Let’s take a big step in getting to know the river and being able to have her heal us and allow us all of our emotions each day. When we can really have all of our emotions then we can truly have love. When we can truly have love, we take it with us in this world and the next and we move between the gateways with grace and ease. Come join us for a life-changing adventure with the river and receive tools you can use every day the rest of your life.




The Deprogramming Series for Global Graduates Presents:

Liberating your Awareness of as well your Ability to Use Akashic Records Clearing the Programming not to Know



Thursday June 14th

5pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


  •  Increasing our awareness of the function of the Akashic records

  • How to heal your records as well as someone else’s

  • How to tell when your records have been tampered with or violated

  • How to tell when someone else’s records have been damaged and how to rectify that

  • More on Record keepers

  • More on guards for the records

  • Removing the programing to diminish your awareness of this great resource

  • Clearing out any beings between you and the records

  • Gurus and the Akashic records

  • When it is ok and when it is not Ok to enter your own records

  • When it is ok and when it is not Ok to enter someone else’s records

  • The Difference between Navigating the Akashic rereads & the Akasha


to Include


Journey to the Records, Record Rooms & the Grand Hall of Records

Journey to the Acacia





Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program 

With Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.



Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program 

With Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.



Live Global Tele-Seminar:


Thursday, June 14th, 2018     - 4pm Hawaii - 7pm Pacific - 10pm Eastern


There is a strong potentiality this class will require a part two as this is a huge topic.

This is a clear hello that it is doubtful we will get through it all in one session! LOL





Lisa French; Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)





$50 for each part or $45 for each part for students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs.

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:


Contact Magic Isle:   -   808 323-9699


The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii   -   808 322-7673








“Female Energy and Karma; Coming off the Treadmill and into a True Creative of State”


July 18, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific ~ 8pm Eastern


It’s important to understand that you can live in a karmic stay or you can live in a creative state. Now certainly we can create more karma but we can also create liberation from the old cycles or we can be asleep and then a slave to the old cycles and wonder why these things keep happening to us.


The feeling of living in karma is like living on a treadmill. There are many people repeating the same patterns over and over and over and I think they have to enter jobs or their families for their relationships or move to get off the treadmill. Sometimes that maybe true but most of the time it’s about transcending karma. Once you transcend the old rhythms and move into true creative flow that is born each day… It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the same things or with the same people are in the same place because the inner rhythms are magical and musical and dancing inside of you and they feed you and it’s never boring or repetitive even when you’re doing the same thing. In the state you have a flow of epiphanies that keep happening as you discover yourself in 1 million different situations that might happen throughout the same structure or schedule each day. Remember in the beginning we were made to live in villages in a few of us travel between them. Obviously our culture and our worlds come along way and there’s so much we can do in so many places we can go… But we were designed to be able to get stuck in karma and then to remember who we really are in and the all cycles to transcend them and move into a highly creative state.


Some tremendous healers will be assisting us as we step out of an old cycle and into a new rhythm. As we listen to a deep music that comes from everywhere and create the state in which we truly understand the creativity that women can access each moment of each day to fill ourselves.


Come join us As we each begin to understand the limits of karma and move into the freedom of raw creativity. 











Female Energy & Fire:

Burning away Toxic Debris to Start a New Day/Way/Say


August 8th, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific 



Fire is pretty strong stuff...yet is is also the element of creativity, action, enthusiasm & SPIRIT which is what we are.


Sometimes we have it in a diminished or too contained state and sometimes it is a bit too wild (wild fires!) and out of control.

What’s the middle ground and how can we allow fire to burn freely in a way that warms & heals vs. hurts?


How can we use fire to heal & to specifically clear that which doesn’t serve us?

How can we use fire to rebuild our courage & enthusiasm so we can fulfill our hearts desires?


Do you run too hot in any area of your life?

Emotions? Passions? Temper? Physical State of body? Opinions? Other?


Are lacking heat in any area of your life?

Your Heart? Emotions? Passion? Physical Energy & Health? Too slow or too heavy?


Lets find a safe constructive way to use fire to clear what holds us back; 

clearing away negativity, hurts, toxic emotions & heaviness. 


Let’s use it to strengthen what allows us to create, be happy,

move freely, be healthy, alive, loving, vibrant & enthusiastic.


Join us as we release, receive healings and take a mythic inner journey that is life renewing as well as liberating!


Fire must have water to finish the process of continued or lasting joy without exhaustion or manic tendencies...

so next month, we will be working with water!







Female Energy & Water:

Finding calm joy, wild dreaming, abundance & fluid grace


September 12th, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific 


Water is the connecter. 

We are nourished in fluid before birth & live our lives in a body that is 2/3 water.


This is a big deal.

If your water is off, the whole body will be out of whack.

This will effect your sleep; your waking energy, your ability to communicate, create and so much more!


If our water element is off we can get isolated or we can never have enough personal space.

We can find it challenging to wake up or we may have great difficulty with dreams.

We can be drowning in emotion or numb.

We can be anxious or apathetic.


When our water element is in balance, our bodies, hearts and souls know fullness and we experience feeling whole.

We are able to have nourishing relationships, illuminating work and stunning meditations.

We are able to Receive what we want and need, enjoy our emotional states and fill our emotional, spiritual and physical bank accounts freely.

Yes! Back accounts. If your water element is off, it is very hard to receive and be nourished by what money can do for you.


A correct fluid, or water state allows us deep feelings that are euphoric & full of nourishment, 

which we can enjoy on our own or with partners, friends, children, etc.


Come join us for releasing, for healings, a magical inner journey and more!









Female Energy & Dark Feelings:

How to use them to Explore your Joy


October 17th, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific


There are many emotions that people consider bad, unhealthy, not ok, undesirable, etc.

The Truth is that there are no BAD EMOTIONS but there are some dark ones.


If we can learn to have the dark emotions & actually to some extent enjoy them,

 we will be able to transform, renew & recalibrate our entire experience of having a body, a life, relationships, work...etc.


What are the “dark” emotions? Here are some and you may be able to add more to this list!

Despair, frustration, rage, grief, guilt, sorrow, apathy, anger, jealousy....


These”dark” emotions are each very positive.


They allow us to move, grow and transcend some type of experience, thus being able to pass into a new one.

Each of them are gateways: meaning they must be passed through for us to get to the higher lighter emotional states.

People who try to skip them end up in some way mired within them.


Ever meet anyone who denies all the dark emotions and says they choose to live only in the light ones?

“I’ve transcended anger.”  “Sure you have.....”


A physical body communicates with emotions, They are essential. 

You do not get rid of them, however you learn to work with them. 

If we block any of them, we are closing doors and diminishing ourselves.


Emotions are a problem when we get stuck in them and can’t get through the gateways;

Or, When we become them and broadcast them.....having no idea how to allow them without roosting in them,.


The trick is not to become them, but to allow them, to listen to them, to honor them.

Its like honoring a river, a geyser a waterfall, it is there for your healing, not for your becoming.

each feeling is a gateway to another dimension. As we raise our vibration the frequency of the emotions shifts too.


Come join us and say hello to each of these dark feelings, release where you resist them and allow them.

When you do this you will be able to move freely in your life and in your heart.









Female Energy & Owls:

Find your Night Vision & Soar through your Dreams!


November 14th, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific


Whoooo, whoooo, whoooo are you?

You shall find yourself and your deepest essence in your dreams.


There are sleeping dreams and there are conscious or waking dreams.

The owl will clarify and guide us through the 4 essential states of dreaming.

She will look into our souls and help us see whoooo we really are.


The owl who hunts at night, hunts in the unconscious for dreams of healing, dreams of wealth, 

dreams of love, dreams of play, dreams of fun, dreams of sensual wonder, dreams of states of being.....there is soooo much!


Let's fly and bring these dreams out of the darkness and into the light.

Let's hunt for medicine, truth and well being.


Let us learn from the owl who is an expert hunter and catches her pray.....her dreams.

She hunts in the darkness and finds the delicious nurturing of foods that feed her body and soul.

Let us fly with the owl and learn to see in the darkness.


What is night vision anyway?


Come on in and join us as the owl is our guide and teacher and consider the mana or power of our dreaming selves as it heals the fibers of our light bodies and allows us healthy wealthy magnetic bodies.









Female Energy & the Madonna in Her Many Forms:

Receiving your Inner Star of Healing in the Season of Light


December 5th, 2018 ~ 5pm Pacific


In this, the season of light, all of us are able to get a form of mana or power or medicine that rebuilds us.

The old energy body goes out with the old season and with the solstice we are reborn.


The star holds a healing elixir like no other. 

It cleanses, forgives, clears, opens and at the same time, feeds, heals and nourishes our bodies, hearts and our inner beings.

With the star medicine we receive fresh inspiration, answers to our souls' questions & the magic needed to eave new fabrics in our lives journeys.



In this workshop we will feed from the star, like baby birds being prepared for flight.

The Holy Mother will be joining us and assisting each of us in what we need to let go of to enter a new season and rebirth ourselves.

What dregs of the old year, old life, old hurts,  old darkness, challenges, other peoples stuff do we need to stop healing or being responsible for and simply let go.

There is so much power in a group of women letting go together.



We will each work with the star to weave a new fabric, using warp and weft.

This fabric will hold the essence of our dreams and our own star connections to take with us into the new year.


Come join us as take a light into the darkness, as we drink from the star and rise up on the wings of our inner light.

We will be having an amazing inner journey and you are invited!


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