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Most of our classes take place as teleseminars. As soon as you register, we will email you your call-in data.

If you should miss the class, it's simple, we will send you the class by download.

All classes will state if they are presented in our Global Tele-Seminars Format or in Hawaii.


All of the classes taught in Hawaii are also available via digital recording immediately following the class.

A Journey through Time; 
Resetting your Essential Frequency

A Deprogramming & Healing class


Part 1: Thursday, October 15th, 2020

4:00pm Hawaii - 7:00pm Pacific - 10:00pm Eastern


Part 2: Monday, November 22nd, 2020

5:00pm Hawaii - 7:00pm Pacific - 10:00pm Eastern


Our own authentic frequency is essential to our well being.

We have been through a myriad of experiences in which we have been conditioned out of it.

It's happened so many times that we don't have enough of the reference points in the map of time that are needed for us to have total command of our creativity, our attitudes, and our power. Let's restore it!


From the moment of conception onwards, we are communicated to in vibrations that do not say hello to who we really are. We are shown many vibrations to match ...yet rarely encouraged to find, identify & access our own authentic vibration. Time to rectify that!


You should be like......

Act like.....

In this family, we run this vibration.....

Don't act like that...

Act like this.....

In other words, change and adjust who you are.....


Let's repair this & bring your authentic vibration into the timeline of your life;

Causing it to be present with you & nourishing you in all ways, every day of your life.


Goal in Part 1: Childhood and Teen Years

Goal in Part 2: Age 20 to present time


Working to clear out the programming and false vibrations, images, formulas, and energies.

healing the space - Creating Space for the Vibration the True Self - Creating images that hold your authentic self and re-seeding them through time 



Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program 

with Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training



Lisa French: Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)



$50  for each part ~ Or for students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs $45

Payment through Magic Isle or PayPal at:


You may register for any of our events by contacting:

Magic Isle at / (808) 323-9699

or The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii at / 808 322-7673


Magic Isle accepts registration for teleconference events for up to one hour prior to the event.

Recent additions to our downloadable classes:

  • Healing & Renewal with the Phoenix; A Transformative Meditation for Challenging Times

  • Female Energy and Clearing Toxicity from our Depths; Cleaning out the Well

Female Energy and Gold:
Attracting it - Using it to Help you Radiate Well-Being

November 11, 2020, at 5pm Pacific


Gold is an amazing metal and it’s an amazing vibration. 

They say that the gold in the earth allows the sun to hold the essence of the earth in rotation. 

Everyone’s been looking for gold for a long time.


There’s golden days, golden experiences, golden events, financial gold, love gold… 

There’s a lot of different forms that gold pours into.

 It lives inside the earth which is feminine. 

So, guess what?! It can live inside of us!


If we are able to refine the gold within and have this gold clearly living within us, we will attract so much of it. 

If we give it away and we don’t have enough, we can never attract enough and we will always feel lacking.


Have you, like so many women, been giving away integral gold that you dearly need to sustain yourself? 

Dear heart, if you have… 

We understand and during this workshop, you’ll receive the support you need to reclaim the gold you have given away. 

You will refill the coffers within. 

You will reclaim the riches that truly belong to you.


Once you have your gold back you have something called radiance. 

It’s a light that we carry with them. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the way we look or how tall we are or how short we are or how much we way or anything else. It’s a state of inner being in which we radiate from the Gold.


Come and join us for a great healing, great time, and a reclaiming of your gold, so that you can have all things new.

What a wonderful experience for your journey into the season of light this autumn.


2 hours ~ $35

Female Energy and the Holy Mother of Us All
Receiving her Love and Healing


December 9, 2020, at 5pm Pacific


Every single one of us, as women has always had to navigate: 

“What does mother really mean to us?"


When you grew up with your mother, was she "The mother?”

 The ideal? 

Did she provide for all of your needs and make sure that you were loved 100% and that you had total security? 

Most likely she was human and wasn’t able to perform that function at 100%?


Are you a mother? Have you at some point felt insufficient because you couldn’t be all these things for your child?


There’s a big difference between the worldly mother and the holy mother. 

In this workshop, we’re going to realize, that so much of what we may have wanted from worldly mothers, 

is only received, through the holy mother. 

Whether our mother is alive or she’s passed over, or we’re connected beautifully with her, 

or not at all, or somewhere in between… 

We get to release pain out of the vibration and frequency of mother.  


We will have the opportunity to reconnect with the holy mother who’s always here and will never abandon us and will always nurture us and 

love us unconditionally and 100% for always.


The light of the season brings the holy mother forth. 

She’s been represented by innumerable goddesses and spiritual and religious figures. 

Different versions of her are worshiped in all different religions sects and Faith’s across the planet. 


She is a pretty important superstar. 

In the holy days which we refer to now as the holidays. 

The holy mother is more deeply present to nurture and nourish the infant who is reborn under the secret star on 12/25. 


During this workshop, each of us will have the opportunity to be loved, honored and cherished by the holy mother. a

we may find ourselves on our the sacred mother is  recognized met and honored. 


This is a healing beyond all else. 

This is you and the HOLY MOTHER reunited for evermore;

 in a deeply reverent and gloriously love filled connection.


Come join us to finish off the year with the joy of the holy mother.

Experience her life dancing through you, until it sparkles in every cell of your body. 

Until you never doubt how much you are loved.


Come join us!


2 hours ~ $35

Bringing the Christ Light into the 8th Chakra;
To Shine Within Our Higher Self Connection & Light Our Way on Earth
As Well As To Light Up & Activate the ⭐️ Within the Pituitary & Pineal" 
A Deprogramming & Healing class


December 10, 2020, at 7pm Pacific

We know that the Christ is made up of the golden energy that’s holding the gate open for us all.

Every time the Christ comes into a body and brings the gold, 

it’s about raising the energy on the planet and raising the energy for all people. 

This same is true for each of us as we are able to have this vibration more and more in time and space.


We’ve all had experiences, energies & beings that have come in and created Influences as well as programming that shifted the energy so that we weren’t able to hold as much gold for ourselves and for others as we are truly capable of capable of as well as intending.


The eighth chakra is for each of us the door keeper. It Holds the information about connecting with our higher selves and the divine, it holds the information that we need in order to transition when this lifetime completes & it allows us to connect easily with the star beings, the light beings & the Christ. 

When the eighth chakra is finely tuned to the pure grid of the golden Christ energy;

 it holds it & it shines into our bodies 24 seven. 

It creates a state that makes all things require much less effort & much less struggle. 

We are then able to have, see, hold & create so much more is in every single department of our lives.



In December, we are working with the Christ force. It is right here & so very present with us!  


We will do some powerful de-programming on that 8th chakra. 

We will use the Christ energy to clear and re-set the eighth chakra as well as the higher self. 


Following that, we will work with the Christ light and the eighth chakra, shining it into the pituitary & pineal glands, thus creating that star vibration in the crown that strengthens and enhances all the creative rings above and all of the endocrine glands within in the body.  

***This will have the fabulous side effect of boosting all of our immune  systems to strengthen each of us 

 while you know what virus is creeping around the lands.


Class will be finished up by entering the temple of golden light on the 11th level of the astral where each of us will receive our own personal healing from the purest level of the Christ force. 

We will each learn how to go there whenever we need to.

We will learn how to take other people there who may need the assistance of this type of healing,

throughout the season of light.


Come on in and have a fantastic healing! 

It’s going to be a big one and you are welcome.


Graduation of a Lewis Bostwick Style Clairvoyant Training Program 

With Beginning and Advanced Clairvoyant Training.



Lisa French: Founder of Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Clairvoyant Teacher for over 35 years  :)



$50  for each part ~ or for students in Magic Isle or CCH Programs $45

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