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Astrology & Your Inner Star


Astrology and Your Inner Star:

A Spiritual Journey Through the Seasons,
the Constellations & Your Own Soul

We can each be Nourished by the Stars!


Class is available by download.


Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is a tremendous
gateway into a land created for the 
soul's journey of life; 

Join us as we travel through the 12 seasons in 12 months.

By learning about each sign in the season that it rules, we’ll be riding the wave of natural energy the heavens provide around us & within us.


We will each find more space to be in the moment and to work with the energy of what is real & current. This class is for your soul, it is for achieving a greater harmonic in your body & in your daily life all throughout the year. When we align our journey with the stars, the stars feed us, our dreams, creations, our work, our relationships et all!


We are going to study the soul of the 12 astrological signs and how they effect your deepest inner flow of energy, 

Of inspiration, of mana, of strength/power, light & movement. You will meditate with the stars and gain new awareness of how each month, each star cycle, each sign effects you and effects all of life through the seasons of the year!


You will learn about the constellations and how the radiance in them works to awaken you, fine tune you, test you, etc. 

Life plays on the strings on your soul; in the different seasons it chooses different ways to do this, 

like a variety of instruments to help you know the song in your own spirit. 


Learn how to be more aware of it so that you can enjoy the flow of magic and music that is offered for you. The more we understand it, the more we can move gracefully with it!


Class Includes:


  • Monthly class & meditations that you are welcome to do throughout the month to increase and stimulate learning and awareness. 

  • Monthly task Sheets will be sent to you in a word format. These are optional for your continued meditations, growth & studies.

  • You will receive a copy of  the recorded meditations you can listen to and repeat whenever you like, through the seasons of your life. 


A 13-part class

The class starts with learning some fundamentals about how its all designed.

 The first class will orient each of us into the star map and get us set up for the season to come!

Get ready for some wonderful mediations as you learn and study the rhythms of the stars, elements & modes in time! 

You will receive the class by digital download.


The gates are opened for you to gain greater insight, knowing, vision and connectedness so you can feel in your cells & know in your being the energy of the season, the urge from formlessness into creation...and how to create in sync with it!


This class is open to all people with no prerequisite:

This is a great class for those who know little, nothing or for those who a lot about astrology. 

We will study and learn about each sign in its season so you can learn for yourself how to work with the rhythm that is offered to you by the stars. 

Every season of your earth walk is effected by the astrological sign that rules it, its element, its, energy, 

its vibration; all of it conspires to  help you as a soul personality in your development.



Contact Magic Isle at

or call us at 808 323-9699 



Rev. Lisa French has been studying the stars and astrology since she was a child. 

After 35 years off clairvoyant growing and teaching and 19 years of shamanic training,

 she is very excited to bring you on a year long journey of meditation, discovery and learning with the stars.


Once You Register:


You will be entered into the flow of seasons; many angelic beings who guide the stars will be working with your energy field both here and in the dream-time.


Note: This class will be helpful for any individuals seeking greater self awareness and a more profound awareness of the cosmos in which they live. It will also be helpful for any healers or practitioners of the wellness arts in achieving a greater understanding of the human psyche, heart and body.


Class Goals:

  • To help you understand and live in peace with the 12 signs of the zodiac as they manifest in you, around you, within the seasons of the year, and in others around you. 

  • To learn about the 4 elements; fire, earth, air and water. Through the gateway of the elements, one gains great keys in how to understand ones self (and others), physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! 

  • To gain knowledge through leaning how to understand the simplicity of the basic astrology symbols. 

  • To gain knowledge about the physical body parts and the astrological signs that rule specific areas, so one can have optimal wellness in your manifest body. 

  • To assist you in the process of knowing yourself. To de-energize seriousness and complication in regard to astrology and have some fun. We will bring more light into the body!

  • We will study the astrological constellations; Do amazing meditations where we journey within each sign and meet the key players. 

  • By learning about each sign in the season that it rules; we’ll be riding the wave of natural energy the heavens provide for us and in us.

We look forward to a most enlightening adventure and star medicine we can each incorporate into our daily lives!

Register Today!


Email us:



Call: 808 323-9699 / 808 323-3199


A full calendar is available on the Calendar page.

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