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Awaken your creativity. Picture your purpose. Realize your divine destiny.

Magic Isle / Hale Ola Pono is a not for profit spiritual organization located on the Big Island of Hawaii; we offer our teachings, healings and readings at a global level. Hale Ola Pono literally translates to “The House of life, truth and Healing”. 


It is our intention in all that we offer, to provide an educational healing center, where people from all parts of the world, all different backgrounds and of varied ages may restore, heal and discover their own truth with awareness and enthusiasm. Each soul has a unique calling; as we embrace our own essence, we are able to know it, see it and fulfill it. 


We teach spiritual tools and techniques for attaining your own freedom. Our classes and offerings are primarily global and take place in our Global Auditorium in a Tele-Seminar format. We offer a yearly retreat for students and graduates at Lake Tahoe in October, Healing retreats in Hawaii and provide world wide spiritual tours.


Magic Isle offers a variety of different classes to benefit beginning to advanced spiritual seekers alike.  Take a look at our classes and programs pages, as well as our calendar page, which provides comprehensive information on all of our current programs and courses as well as a calendar of special workshops. 

Please visit our web store if you wish to purchase past events.  


Magic Isle also offers clairvoyant readings and healings.  


We see you illuminated, 

We see you free, 

We see you healthy & well, 

We see you radiating with joy, enthusiasm and wonder. 

All of our training programs, counseling’s and activities are created with this at the core.


You are on a spiritual journey; 

It is called your life. 

There are many challenges! 

We are here to remind you who you are, 

Because inside you are all the jewels in the universe and all the stars in the sky.

Our task is to empower you with tools to make this journey a fulfilling & prosperous one.


Magic Isle and the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii are located above Kealakekua Bay which means in the Hawaiian Language "Pathway to the Gods”.


We teach that within each of us is that pathway. The journey is the goal and the journey we present involves how to find that inner pathway, which Kealakekua Bay symbolizes to us all. Swimming in this bay, allows us to be saturated with healing energies that are very transformational; allowing each of us to contact the pathway to the god / goddess within us. Taking classes with the Magic Isle & The Clairvoyant Center provides much the same healing and support…as we infuse all of our classes, programs and events with this energy.


The Big Island of Hawaii is renowned for it's intensely spiritual energy.  Being the newest land on earth as well as housing one of the only active volcanoes in the world, the power of the island facilitates our work as much as Spirit does. Come join us and have some exciting transformations.

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